An option to reset some skills or the SOS skill tree.

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Hi everyone! Today I gathered a few Manuals and Guides, and I went in the SOS skill tree to spend them, and I wanted to go to the third skill tree and while I was scrolling down, the app froze for a second and then I noticed that a skill window popped up and I accidentally pressed the button and lost (not spent) 25 restricted books on the Appetizing Acclaim skill, which is a useless skill for now, as I could easily spend those books to open the way to the Trace Charm skill, but I wanted to gather the remaining restricted books for my last profession. This is such a bummer, because we do not have a confirmation window or something like that, you just press the button and the books are gone.

Since majority of the players have a lot of scrolls, it would be cool to have the option to reset a specific skill or the entire skill tree in exchange of scrolls or maybe coins. I play Mortal Kombat mobile which is also a game developed by WB, and they allow to reset your talents aka skill tree for free, so if you change your mind, you may upgrade different skills if you want. I know that probably WB & Niantic will not allow doing this for free in Wizards Unite, but please let us do it in exchange foe scrolls or coins, because I feel so bad now for losing those books which are not so easy to get and I did not even intend to spend them on that skill, and I know there are a lot of players who also accidentally lost books this way.

Please WB & Niantic, let us do it. 🙏🏻




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    Nah, sorry, you did spend the books. Accidentally, but you did spend them. It is similar to putting your money in a vending machine then punching the wrong code ans getting the wrong snack. You did get a snack, the transaction happened, and it was your mistake, not the machine's.

    I agree, though, that it can be easy to make the wrong purchase. However, other players have raised this concern under similar circumstances, and have been told the skill has been purchased and tough luck.

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    #320 August, 2020, 01:39 pm.

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    I'd happily pay coins for a reset like how in Pokemon Go you can buy the medallion tbh

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    Agree, some mechanism to be able to do this should be brought in.

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    They'll never offer a redo on skills because the game is designed to be profitable as you struggle. They want you to give in and buy stuff to make the game "easier"

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