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Not sure if this has been suggested/discussed before (search results weren't immediately obvious), but I would like to suggest adding a way to indicate which of the three types of gift each player wishes to receive from their friends.

Yes, there are talks about what types of gifts one should gift and there are obvious reasons why one rarity of gift is better than the other, but I'm suggesting a way for each individual player to take control and indicate simply which type of gift (spell energy, ingredient, or runestone) they wish to receive. I'm taking a page out from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius' friend gifting system.

Suggested Implementation

  1. In the Social page, rename "Gifts to Send" tab to "Gifts".
  2. Recipient's POV:
    1. At the top of the Gifts tab, add a "Preferred Gift Type" picker (maybe just the icons to represent all three types of gifts) to indicate the type of gifts you wish to receive from your friends.
    2. Tapping on a gift icon will change your preference that will be shown to your friends whenever they are in a screen related to gifting. That's it for the recipient's POV.
  3. Sender's POV:
    1. In the Friends tab, perhaps the "Open Gift" and "Send" buttons can now include the icon of the gift type within each button and shorten the texts so as to save screen space. The Open Gift button simply becomes "Open <icon>" and the Send button becomes "Send <icon>", with the respective <icon> showing the type of gift the friend has sent you and the type of gift the friend wishes to receive (as set at point 2b).
    2. In the Friends tab, tapping the Send <icon> button on a friend will bring up a list of gifts that are sorted to the recipient's preference (e.g. if recipient selected Spell Energy Gifts as the preferred gift type, then Spell Energy Gifts shall be listed at the top) in descending order of rarity (e.g. Extravagant, specific potions, Essential, potion-specific ingredients, basic).
    3. In the Gifts tab, tapping on a gift shall open the list of friends with matching preferred gift type (e.g. tapping on a Rune Gift shall cause the friend list to be sorted with those preferring Rune Gifts appearing first at the top).
    4. The non-preferred types of gifts shall be listed after the preferred type of gifts regardless of which screen the sender is on in case the sender has run out of the type of gifts the recipient prefers.
    5. To reduce processing and UI jitter, any changes to friends' gift type preferences shall not be reflected to the sender until the sender exits and re-enter the Social page (or whatever the Devs deem plausible).

Feature Expectations

I expect that this feature could help players better manage the type of gifts they would receive to aid them in their wizarding journey.

For example, if I wish to focus on Wizarding Challenges today and I am running low on Runestones, I can indicate that I wish to receive Runestone Gifts and allow my friends to send me more of such gifts than other gifts. If I am running low on potions, I can indicate that I wish to receive Ingredient Gifts and hope to receive the desired ingredients in due time.

As a sender, I am currently prioritising extravagant and potion gifts to low-level players and essential runestone/spell energy gifts to mid- to high-level players based on my assumption that such gifts would be beneficial to these players at their current level (interpreted from their SOS LVL, given the current implementation). However, my assumptions can never beat the actual preference indicated by the players themselves, hence this suggestion. I'll never be able to distinguish the players who desperately need spell energy more than runestones from the players who prefer to sit by their cauldron all day brewing potions to fill their 999-slot potion inventory.

I hope this feature can help players receive their preferred types of gifts more often, regardless of their level of involvement in other online or offline social systems (e.g. face-to-face, Telegram, Discord, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc) and help senders to send the right gifts more quickly and efficiently.

A mock-up of the envisioned changes

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    As much as I would like to see this kind of feature, I feel that indicating only the type of gift (rune, ingredient, energy) would be useless.

    My preferred gifts are the potion ones, but I'll prefer an extravagant rune over any other kind of ingredient gifts. I prefer a normal rune over any specific ingredient gift and I'd rather have an essential rune over an extravagant energy or ingredient. So the proposed decreasing order of rarity does not work.

    To be useful you should be able to provide the full list of gifts in decreasing order of interest. Eg:

    1/Potent extimulo


    3/Trace detection

    4/Extra rune

    5/Essential rune

    6/Extra energy

    7/Extra ingredient

    8/Basic rune

    Others not mentioned=do not send

    As it would then be complex to represent this list simply in UI, the automatic sorting of sender gifts in order of receiver preference would do the trick.

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    #313 August, 2020, 01:40 pm.

    Thanks for your comment, TyrandausTravis!

    Of course, who wouldn't want to get specific gifts that they desire? But this is a start and is never useless. We cannot guarantee that someone on our friend list will always have the gift you are looking for, and I am certain we are not the only one on their list that demand the same gifts. With competing demands, the rarer gifts will no doubt be in shorter supply than the more common ones.

    Gifts also serve to support a player's gameplay. For people staying in areas where inns and greenhouses are far from their place of living or work (especially given the current worldwide pandemic situation) and when spell energy drops are scarce, being able to simply receive 20 Spell Energy gifts everyday is much better than receiving only 1 or 2 Extravagant Spell Energy Gift in a day.

    Hence, I think it would be better to have some gifts coming rather than having no gifts at all. Not everyone gets to have the equal opportunity to send and receive gifts between friends and inns/greenhouses/fortresses, and not everyone has the same kind of people on their friends list. With my concept, I hope that this would help improve the chances of people receiving at least the type of gifts they desire, which would translate to better support for players in general for a smoother wizarding experience and not be bothered by a lack of basic resources to do what they need or want to do, while at the same time not adding additional complexity to this feature at this point.

    However, your comment did trigger one more thought: To be able to sort the incoming gifts in a certain way. I usually save all the rare gifts for opening later all in one shot with BBE active so as to reap the XP bonus. I currently have to scroll and tap every single gift to identify and strategise which gifts to open. But this is a topic for another thread. 😉

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    #413 August, 2020, 02:00 pm.

    Hm, while I understand the intention, I don't think that this is a good idea. Two reasons:

    1. "Never look a gift horse in the mouth."
    2. Generosity and Kindness are gestures that come from the heart, they are given as a result of a will to give. Once Generosity is requested or maybe even demanded, a gift from the heart is turned into something that feels like "abuse" to me.
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    #513 August, 2020, 02:57 pm.


    I agree with you.

    Gift request system may become pressure each other.

    I don't want to bother my friends.

    every gift is thankful for me.

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    #614 August, 2020, 09:08 am.

    Hi @Lucoire and @sakiyuishiro, thanks for your comments!

    Reading your comments, it seems that my suggestion was interpreted as a "demand" or "request" system. This is not what I have intended. I specifically mentioned that this is a "preference", so it's a passive signal that simply shows what one would look forward to receiving rather than telling others that "I demand X and you can only give me X". Hence I didn't suggest what TyrandausTravis had suggested above, even though I could.

    I do agree that gifting ought to come from the heart, and I do silently thank the friends and strangers who keep sending gifts my way even though I may not have enough to send one back. When I have limited gifts to send, I really do wish to know what type of gifts these friends really need. The high level players in my list may actually be screaming (silently) for ingredients but everyone might think that they only need runestones or spell energy... Who can identify their needs other than by asking the players themselves? In FFBE, the act of gifting is "mindless". A tap of a button to simply gift whatever the friends put as their preference (the gifts are very specific; either friend points or a handful of gil or other basic materials). There's not even a list to choose a particular gift to send. But then, gifting wasn't a big feature there anyway. However, HPWU has such a nice gifting system that I feel can be better improved to help everyone receive at least the type of gifts they prefer more often than the gifts they don't. And with every group, organisation, or society, there will always be those who don't care what others want and just send gifts as they deem fit or convenient. This feature I propose seeks to help turn the situation of "convenience" towards the recipients' favour.

    As a sender, you can simply ignore what your friends indicate in their preferences. It is merely an additional "sorting" option to better manage effective gifting. You can ignore it if you don't care for it, but when the gifts are sorted according to the type of gifts preferred, the sender will have a higher chance of sending the preferred gifts rather than not. And for those who actually wish to know which type of gift that recipients want to actually receive (think Christmas gift exchanges), being able to know the type of gifts their friends would like to receive can be a relieve for them. The sender can be sure and satisfied that they have sent the right gifts to the people who really needed them, and recipients can take a better control over the support they gain from incoming gifts and receive the gifts they hoped for more often than before.

    In contrast, in many other games with "gifting" features, it is common to find people asking "what type of gifts would improve my relationship with this character?" I struggle to believe that this demand to know becomes diminished just because we're sending gifts to fellow humans rather than to static, pre-programmed virtual characters. In fact, by being honest and open with the gifts, we can all have enjoyable daily gift exchanges and move on to have more fun with the wizarding world of Harry Potter, knowing that our "friends" are now more likely to support us (and for us to support them) effectively even though we are not connected in other ways than through the game alone.

    Idea improvisation: Perhaps the feature can also allow players to "deselect" the gift preference by tapping on the selected gift type in the Gifts tab and thus leave it as "no preference", which would retain the current functionality as it is.

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    Me and Lucoire understand your suggestion correctly maybe.

    I mean "To express preference become request in a roundabout way."

    Because if I could't send gift which my friend liking, I feel really sorry.

    Especially now, under influence covid-19, environment of facility (inn/greenhouse) is different on player.

    If we have no choice to ignore our friends preference, sending gift is painful.

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    #814 August, 2020, 08:56 pm.

    One of the Discord servers I visit is largely so people can post what gifts they need. I don't understand the view that this is some sort of demand system. If you have an Exstimulo ingredient gift, or whatever, you can either send it randomly, or send it to someone who's indicated they want them. I think helping people get the stuff they need will make the community stronger.

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    #918 September, 2020, 11:01 am.

    Personally, I have a stack of ingredient gifts that I cannot accept because I simply don't have space in my ingredients vault to accommodate them.

    As I mentioned in my post, the recipient also has the choice to NOT indicate any gift type preference, if anyone would either like to just receive anything their friends have to offer or to not leverage this preference system to optimise their gifting experience.

    For me, if I cannot send the gifts my friends want, I can have the choice to not send any gifts (since sending them something they don't prefer is as good as sending them nothing), or to try to get the gift that they desire (visit inns for energy gifts, visit greenhouses for ingredient gifts, or play wizarding challenges for runestone).

    But if my ingredient vault is full and I have tons of valuable leftover ingredient from, say, the past dragon week after opening over 50 portkeys, and my potion vault is also full, and I am lacking spell energy to do anything (can't use potions since I don't have energy to do traces and challenges), and I have no inns near me that would not see me risk exposing myself unnecessarily to COVID-19, I have no choice, as a recipient, if my friends decide to send me more ingredient gifts that I have no capacity to open, thereby stalling up my gift queue. And last I looked, there's no way to delete incoming gifts.

    Yes, there are many community channels around that players can use to request gifts for, but I'm talking about the entire playerbase. How many of the entire playerbase are actually using one of such channels for the purpose of exchanging gifts? If the answer is not at least 80%, then I would say there's a place for such a system to exist to better optimise the gifting experience.

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