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I am not sure of HPWU gifting etiquette, but what I have generally been doing is giving basic Runestone gifts to most people. If you gift me something extra I try to respond accordingly- but I assume higher levels have no use for ingredients?

What about energy? I appreciate it because I can't recharge from home - what about other folks?

I regularly give lower level friends essential or special gifts and ingredients, their need is greater?

Am I on track?



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    I'm also mainly give normal runestone gift. Will try to respond the same gift for extravagant. Usually delete normal ingredient gift and normal spell energy gift, Just save one of those gifts.

    The reason i more into giving runestone gift is its not taking space vault (the runestone) and it could be use for fragments run on low chambers.

    Normal ingredient is rubbish, and normal spell energy is too low.

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    I usually give regular runestones too except the rare occasion I can pick up some other stuff. I've been playing higher levels more than I used to though so I can sometimes manage to get an extravagant runestone gift or two. Usually essential though. I personally prefer energy and exstimulo ingredient gifts if possible but I feel bad cause I can't always return the favor for awhile

  • ScarletB12ScarletB12 Posts: 83 ✭✭
    #411 August, 2020, 12:40 am.

    I play way too much, lol. I got a late start, by a year because my phone couldn't play it.

    I will gift you daily.

    0266 5718 9226

    CBG92- energy and ingredients 👍

    Runestones for the rest.

    I also appreciate energy.

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