Stuck in the Hospital Wing and need friend codes badly.

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Friend Code = 0345 1146 1331 HELP!

Hey everyone help me out. I’m seriously in the hospital for real after three major surgeries. I’ll be here for a while and have nothing better to do than play Wizards Unite. It would really help if I had some in game friends to work with. Anyone who sees this please add me as a friend. As of now I’m a daily player . Lol. Friend Code = 0345 1146 1331



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    Thank you so far to everyone who has added me. In a little under an hour I added 16 friends. Awesome, but still a bit shy of 200. So if your reading this and haven’t added me yet, then you need to do so.


    Friend Code= 0345 1146 1331

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    I just sent an add!! Hope you heal quickly and everything is going well for you.

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