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Since the need for Restricted Section Books has increased and Defense Against the Dark Arts Books have been added, we need new ways to obtain thse books. Spell Books are also, still an issue for some players, as well; since playstyle varies and some people enjoy traces more, while others enjoy fortresses more. Newer players are always going to be behind, due to being restricted by time limited event rewards. In order to get enough DADA books to fill the S.O.S tree would currently take 11.3 years, with 5 per Brilliant event.

In order to give players an ability to enjoy playing the different aspects of the game, we need a form of a book exchange.

I suggest the following conversions:

50 Scrolls = 1 Spell Book

500 Scrolls = 1 Restricted Section Book

10 Spell Books = 1 Restricted Section Book

50 Field Guides = 1 S.O.S Manual

500 Field Guides = 1 Defense Against the Dark Arts Book

50 S.O.S Manual = 1 Defense Against the Dark Arts Book



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    #201 August, 2020, 05:17 pm.

    @BenTiger I agree with most of what you’ve proposed above, but personally I find I need more Field Guides as opposed to (S.O.S) Ministry Manuals.

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    #301 August, 2020, 06:11 pm.

    Oops. I meant 10 S.O.S Manual = 1 Defense Against the Dark Arts Book. Didn't notice in time to edit the post.

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    #408 August, 2020, 07:32 pm.

    @hpwulola can you please speak to the Devs about increasing the number and frequency of DADA books? The rarity of DADA is even higher than Restricted Spell Books and the SOS nodes that require them require wayy more DADA than RSB both in SOS Training and Combat Training. We could plan out our Profession trees based on RSB, but we have no way to do this with the current DADA release schedule..

    The most important asset added into SOS training is the “Pario Vestige” or the trace charm, but Proficiency is bugged and we have no idea on the plans on how the team is going to fix it and thus are all hesitant to even advance SOS Training even if we weren’t DADA gated. I mean... it’s probably the bottom of the list in importance, but how is the explanation of the Trace Charm still showing up with Greenhouse Charm details “spells provided”. The Trace Charm is infinitely more impactful for players

    than the Greenhouse or Inn charm, please focus on it.

    I know I’m screaming into a void, but can you Please again request a currency exchange program? Us Day 1 and Beta players have literally 10k scrolls and >1000 Red Notebooks. This is after maxing all Professions, and with the new SOS training requiring RSB we can’t event do max other professions without preventing progress. It’s been 18 years since Edward Castronova’s “On Virtual Economies” paper on Everquest and all forward thinking games shops have economists on hire to keep the in game economy in balance now... Even HPHM’s system makes more sense. If it’s going to be another year until we get new Combat Training, please press the devs on this plea from the community.. every single post complains about it.

    I wasn’t to follow this all up with a big thank you (lol) we know this is not easy and SOS Training was a very big and fun addition to the game. We know you’re trying, keep it up.

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    #509 August, 2020, 05:46 pm.

    I agree 110 percent !

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