Event-based books need to be increased significantly

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@hpwulola @HPWUrobert Please tell the team to stop giving stickers, scrolls and red books in event/cd task rewards, absolutely no one cares for stickers only they see. No one has since the beginning, idk abt others but I've been playing since launch and i still have the same avatar pic from day 1, I only visit the ministry id to remove red dots, but stickers and such have no meaning or point since:

  1. only I get to see them
  2. there's no customisable avatar as in pogo and/or other mmorpgs/rpgs
  3. doesnt matter what i place b/c the generic 'figure' in map doesnt/wont change.

Scrolls -even for new players - are stupid-easy to obtain and red books stopped being an issue when knight bus and the horrendous new registry system came to be. Before the Knight bus it had taken me 7-8 months to finish/max out my 1st profession (magiz), after the knight bus and especially after the new (challenge) registry system it took me 2-3 months to fully max out (red books wise) both auror and professor. In fact Auror is fully maxed out (green/rsbs included) and professor will be fully maxed out mid-end of September.

As things stand I have 22k scrolls and 1.3k Red books with absolutely nothing to spend them on, And they are only increasing, this flora and fauna event (especially with the old page bug re-giving stuff instead of 1 off) gave me 700 scrolls in (so far) 5 days) and b/c I am in vacations I've not been playing as much as I would have otherwise, something like 10-20 minutes a day instead of 2 hrs. Before the knight bus red books in task rewards were essential for solo players like myself (noto by choice, i've never been able to find anyone to play with, and Ive searched all social media and avenues I could think of, there's just no one in my town who cares about WU (unlike pogo))

If I was a new player (that actually played for more than doing the dailies per day and no more), scrolls would not be a problem to acquire, I used to get 2 per family/exploration rank up, now i must have opened a node in the new sos skill tree(s) and I'm getting 4 per rank up. Even as a solo player scrolls were never an issue, I always had more than I knew what to make of, now I have 22k and nothing to spend them on other than a grand total of 4 nodes to max out professor (rsbs gated).

.Theres 3 things and 3 things only we really truly need in task rewards: gold (less so) and mostly dada and restricted books. B/c you cant honestly expect that ppl will stick w the game when we have no new profession plans no new plot (for more than a year) and the new dada related sos trees are going to take us 11-20 years on 5-10 dada per month. No one is going to last for more than a few months, it is boring and tedious to the extreme. Rsbs must be increased to 60 from 30 and dada must be given out so that it doesnt take us more than 12-14 months to finish all 3 sos trees. Ideally I'd say around 60 DADA per month spread over the various events and no less than 30 (rsbs #).

Other things like potions (potents, bbes, etc), dark detectors and silver keys are nice to have (in task rewards) but I can live w/o if it means more rsbs and dada books, the game is tediously easy and boring, especially after the registry fragments update in may, the mind boggles as to why that was implemented, but in any case it was and now the game is unbelievably easy, and the new sos task skill trees dont really offer any new content, there's no new plot, there has been no new plot since launch, there's no new profession plans to speak of (that coming soon got old about a month after launch) and the sos skill trees will only make the game even easier....don't make it even more tedious by giving rsbs and dada books 5 -10 per month, it was a huge disappointment when I saw that August CD would not have any rsbs/dada books, to the point that there really is no point (for me) to do the tasks or even bother with it further than getting whatever family fragments I may need for the weekend event.


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