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My room mate is a much bigger Harry Potter fan than I am. She wants to play actively so bad but... she has MS and has extreme difficulty getting around. She got into Ingress with me but it wasn't very disabled friendly so she stopped and actually formed a hatred of Niantic due to their response to her. When she requested more disability access to play, she was told (I was there - it was at a Detroit anomaly) "This game is for people who can walk. The point is to get out and exercise." She spent the rest of the anomaly in the hotel room.

She actually was very hesitant to download this game and start playing but she did due to her love of HP. However, the limitations are still an issue and she can't play except for at home or if I drive her around (which I don't mind). But so much of it requires personal activity (many POIs are not accessible by road/parking) that she just can't do it effectively.

So why do I feel bad? Because I really want her to enjoy this game. She's so into Harry Potter that I want this to be an incredible experience for her. I don't know what the answer is or how to make it better for people with disabilities, but I would ask Niantic to seriously consider this. She can't be the only one who really wants to play your games.

Please consider. Please think about it. Please make it more disabled friendly.

Thank you.



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    I know several movement-impaired people playing ingress - be it in a wheelchair or a walking aid for the elderly.

    A major requirement for POI is that they're safely accessable by pedestrians - that does NOT exclude accessability by passengers ;)

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    My heart goes out to the two of you. You're a good friend. I foresee the rise of a market for helping people like your friend enjoy these types of mobile games on a level they can be satisfied with. Not sure how much developers can do to tackle this challenge alone, I'm thinking more local solutions created/provided by local players. It's all about community isn't it? Let's rise to the challenge of making games like this more inclusive for everyone.

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    Sadly, these games really are designed around physically going to points of intertest. The target player is an able-bodied person in a densely populated area. If you can't move well, or if the points are so sparsely scattered that walking is impractical, it hurts the gameplay experience. Ingress and PoGo already have problems with players spoofing their GPS (it's why I left Ingress - I wanted to play with and against people, not an army of bots), and I don't see any way of opening accessability without making that problem even worse.

    The best suggestion I can make is to do something like what I do, as a suburban player. I use the Ingress intel map to identify areas with dense Points of Interest located in places that I can drive to and park. I also set aside blocks of time for those trips. You may be able to find parks with clusters of inns/greenhouses/fortresses that can be reached from the parking lot, or from a picnic area. Flagged areas will also help, but at this time you can only find those the hard way. I spent the weekend at a convention that happened to be on top of a Dark Arts flag, and that made the time spent capturing traces a lot more efficient. Those are often also found in parks.

    I don't think there's a PM function here or I'd offer to look at your area for you and try to find good areas for someone with limited mobility. It's not as good as being able to access eveything, but it's probably your most feasible compromise.

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    This game limits everyone is many different ways be it geography, time, transportation and/or ability. It is limited to people who cannot travel slower than 24 km/h and even then you can still play, you just won't log any distance traveled.

    I totally empathize with you and your friend though. I used to live in a remote area where the nearest pokemon gym was 45 minute drive away.

    That being said, I think they should add training battles that you can do repeatedly from anywhere. It should not cost any energy and the reward for completing the training should give you spell energy. That's my idea.

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