Adding a potion Day?

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Since potion brewing times can take a while after a big event to replenish your stock, maybe once a month have a day where all potion brewing times are significantly lowered or all day the golden cauldron is free or both times are lowered AND the golden cauldron is free, but only for 8-12 hours or something. Just a day where you can kick out a ton of potions if you have the ingredients.



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    Welcome to the Community, @Zimenj :)

    I understand that people struggle with the long brew-times of certain potions but that ties into their value - together with their impact. Understanding that is essential to using potions resourcefully instead of just "getting drunk" on potions.

    Also, the SOS-Training provides many opportunities to speed up your brewing skills, so I don't see any point to introduce even more opportunities - especially as it would encourage the wasteful usage of Potions, when resourcefullness is more important.

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    I get what your saying and you have a point, but brew times In the SOS tree cost a price, so there are gates there. And given events that require you to catch a certain number of foundables of emergency or severe level, and those are timed requirements, resource management is kind of negated. Especially if you don’t have a lot of time yourself on top of the timed event. I’d say a few hours one day a month or every two months wouldn’t be a huge impact considering the events that require using potions to get the event done. Because you’ll need potions in just the everyday part of the game as well, it would give a small chance to restock after being forced to use a ton.

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