Wizards Unite loses focus on iPhone

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I'm using an iPhone 6s Plus and, unlike Pokemon Go, I have the following issue with Wizards Unite:

After a minute or so, the screen will dim and then go off -- essentially the game will lose focus and the phone will default to its power-saving state of turning off the screen. In Pokemon Go, even with the power-saving feature turned on, I never had this issue and in Wizards it is rather frustrating since, even while walking, I can't just keep touching my phone every 30 seconds or so just so it won't shut off.

Is there a setting (either in-game or on the device) that I am missing that would help fix this?





  • HPWUcaseyHPWUcasey Posts: 104 admin
    #208 July, 2019, 08:56 pm.

    Hi there, thanks for the feedback. We've heard this from a few other players and are working on it. Unfortunately, at this time, there's no setting or change that you can make to keep the app active and block your phone from going to sleep unless you tap the screen to prevent it from going idle.

    Stay tuned, we'll be providing more information on these updates as we can. Thanks again!

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