Per player foe count ?

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we are getting far too many free loaders in wizard challenges- people who don’t engage a single foe! Could we have a way of seeing how many foes have been defeated per player per challenge? It could sit over the player icon in an arc like the foe rating sits below. A visual reference wouldn’t penalise anyone, but would mean that inactivity would be visible- and maybe the social guilt would motivate players who are hiding out!



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    #219 July, 2020, 03:15 am.

    I wouldn't mind that. Sure there are reasons for why not, but it is an interesting thought.

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    #319 July, 2020, 09:01 am.

    It would be helpful, but at the same time, you should consider that Magi can't hit as hard, without Aurors hexing their targets (which doesn't happen often in random teams), so they will defeat less foes. Also, an Auror just casting hexes on their targets and Professors just casting shield on themselves, then hexing their own target might get more foes, but they would still be a drain on the team, since their lack of teamwork causes everything to take longer to defeat.

    So, it would be both good and bad; since it might also motivate a solo mindset, to try to get your foe count higher, without helping your teammates.

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    @Pondripple - a counter point from me. Earlier tonight, I entered Forest (1 or 2? cannot recall off hand), while I was doing the dishes. Finally loaded with AMMPP (I'm a professor). Wasn't being as attentive as I normally am, but I was tracking the fight. Problem was, it was all A/M foes. So, I sat back and waited for focus to come in (no passing from Aurors *sigh*). A wolf showed up, but I was slow on the draw and my partner prof grabbed him. Got Team Proficiency up and Shield Charms ... but it didn't look like I was doing anything until halfway through the fight. I even thought to myself, "I hope these guys don't think I'm slacking on them, but I wouldn't blame them if they do."

    Sometimes it just happens. Yes, it is irritating to deal with people who expect you to carry them, but it is actually a non-trivial problem to solve in a way that doesn't incorrectly label someone with undue "shame."

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    TWICE yesterday I had someone (two different players) join me in Chamber I and I did two foes and the other person had not touched anything.

    I refused to do the other two. I didn’t even care if I lost the runestone. In both cases the person finally took on the other two.

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