Mastering traces to grow your XP intake.

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Welcome to the Drawing room! Here is where Im going to share my ideas to better your trace ability, and score better point takes from every encounter.

Boiled down, we are drawing with our fingers. But how we grasp the device and use our other fingers has a BIG impact on our Accuracy and Speed, the 2 and only components of how we are graded on our Spell casting.

Now for Skaanas top 10 tips,

1) Two hands are better than one;

Use 2 hands to hold the device (seems obvious enough. I can use one hand for most, not all, traces now. but Im definitely more accurate with two)( Tablets are a whole other discussion, and tiring to hold up)

2) Decide if you are a thumb user, or, an index finger user

( both are valid, and I actually use both. more below ***)

3) strive to be accurate first, then, increase your finger speed gradually. The goal is fluid, consistent moves.

4) First and Great every time.

This is the goal. This gets you great XP. So this means you've really gotta get accurate and fast. Your BEST points reward is Masterful plus First.... often plus 110 points. or more!

have NO idea what im saying? LOOK at your bonus summaries every time, you Skrewts!

Look at the bottom of the Reward Summary screen, instead of mindlessly hitting that X every time.

You mite lern a thinger 2, s Hagrid ed say

First cast success = +10 points. Good=+20 points Great=+50 points Masterful =+ 100 points

DID YOU EAT A B first? Barrufios automatically doubles your XP

5) a Clean Screen is a Real Drag.

Its actually better to have thin film of oil on the screen AND your finger/thumb,

to reduce friction, fatigue from long sessions, and allow for increased speed. Pressing into the screen doesnt make the trace more effective. Use a light touch. At the risk of offending all my friends here, my secret is to reach behind my ear and rub my hair there. I pick up some oil from my hair.... and that is all I need to make for a slippery film. Transfer some to the screen..... and glide and slide

6) Keep centered

we've all seen the bright dot at the beginning point of the trace. you can use that with your support fingers.

I place my ****, on the underside of the phone, directly below that DOT for all the circular type traces.

Why? because you can balance the device there and move your thumb, and your hand AT THE SAME TIME more easily. Try it with EBublio, Alohomora, Expecto patronum and even Meteolojinx recanto.

Keep trying and you'll find sweet spots for others, like Diffindo and Aguamenti, even Riddikulus

7) Assess and improve

Make your self judgments useful and clear. Why was that a fair? or, I cant believe I got a Masterful there, I didnt even match the trace outline anywhere?

8) Practice makes perfect

Right after you make your trace attempt, make it again IMMEDIATELY, but above the screen.

Or, practice AIR traces above the screen before you commit to the Real thing. Your working on muscle memory, kinesthetic memory and hand to eye coordination. Speaking as a player and teacher of musical instruments, I know what Im talking about here.

9). XLR8

say it out loud first. next try to apply that to your trace. right. Im saying to accelerate your movement from beginning to end. Going at MAX speed right away? NO. Top fuel dragsters, rockets and other projectiles, and most physical processes work from the Acceleration principle. Our amazing human body has the same built ins.

For our traces, this demands you look ahead With your eyes, or better yet, deeply imagine the trace in your mind right before you Burst your trace move on that Foundable. Dang, I got a Masterful ! And it felt great!

10) Master one, master them all

Start with one. Be able to do it 4/6 times Masterful. When you can do that, work on the next cast you want to improve. And use the same checklist to improve it.


Thumb versus index finger.

I use thumb for everything we see, except for Incendio and Arresto momentum. Incendio is still my weakest cast.

Feedback accepted. Gifts appreciated

Next topic will be: Rune loading strategies, or, Making 1000XP easy

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  • CaeleonCaeleon Posts: 233 ✭✭✭
    #223 July, 2020, 08:21 am.

    Also handy to realize that the spells are sometimes a little "warped". Like ebublio, which is not a perfect circle but a little flattened on the top/bottom and a bit wider at the sides.

  • KodokmagKodokmag Posts: 647 ✭✭✭
    edited July 23 #323 July, 2020, 08:37 am.

    For me, i'm not think the spell as a line but a series of red dot along the line (just like glyph on ingress) so a little warp, morph, even hexagon of eblubio, sometimes abit like a line in water spell still could make a masterfull spell.

    Too diligent following the line usually take too much time thus never make it to masterfull

  • RabbeinuTamRabbeinuTam Posts: 165 ✭✭✭
    #424 July, 2020, 05:46 am.

    @Skaana great post, especially enjoy the 5th tip. Can't tell you how many times my finger gets stuck in middle of a trace (ugh).

    I find it easier to use my index finger, expect for maybe Incendio which is definitely one of my weakest spells (not because of my thumb though).

    Will try tip 6, interested to see how it helps to improve those spells.

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