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My account is gone. Logging back in brings me to a level 1 beginner.

I log in with google. I have just recently replaced my iphone.

Restoring my (replacement) iphone from icloud gave me a "valid" account, but adventure sync was not working.

Uninstalling, and then re-installing, allowed adventure sync to work. And the first time, I logged in with my normal account.

However, a second login this evening resulted in first an error. A second attempt to log in -- starting from the beginning with "enter birthdate" and then selecting login with google -- resulted in a brand-new account, starting with recover Hagrid.

How do I get my existing level 36 account back? I am not going to redo the last several months of progress.

EDIT: It's not just HPWU. Ingress is claiming that it doesn't have my account either.

"Keybounce" in both games.

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    #201 July, 2020, 03:05 pm.

    Hi @Keybounce! It's possible that you might've accidentally un-linked your Google account (which resulted in creation of a new in-game account). Could you try signing in with the Facebook login?

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