Wildcard Foundables

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I found the June Wizarding Weekend event fun and easy, finishing quickly even almost entirely play-from-home (my household is still isolating pretty strongly). It made me sad, though, to see how much more rewarding it would have been if I'd had just one more Fawkes; I even used a bunch of Dark Detectors hoping to get lucky, but nope.

I understand the place of RNG in games and the concept of giving better rewards to more dedicated long-term players, but the lumpiness of the benefits makes it feel brutal when a tiny difference in player history nerfs the long-term benefit from a one-time event.

That got me thinking, though... what if, as the Calamity evolves, its QA can't keep up and every once in a long time one might encounter an unformed Foundable which can coalesce into the shape of a group of others it's placed with? (I'm thinking infrequent rewards from a challenging bonus event, so that using one is always a difficult tradeoff.)



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    #228 June, 2020, 08:09 pm.

    That's a good idea. Something along the lines of the rare candy in Pokemon go. I'm in the same boat as you, just a couple more Fawkes would mean being able to prestige the page and then max out the sorting hat and Dumbledore's portrait on the next page

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