Weather condition alert and spawn reduction too sensitive

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Since 1,5 month I live in a new place for my job (Center-East of France), and since I arrived I have almost every day a weather alert in game, with drastic spawn reduction.

But there hasn't been anytime a (even small) danger, just it's a location where wind blows daily - not strong : cars and bikes are driving, people are walking outside, children play on gardens, dogs don't fly away, all is completely normal !

I understand that, from legal reasons, you have to warn if there is a real danger, like a big storm, but seriously, you can't push alerts every day just because there is a little wind / heatwave.

Game is litterally unplayable and I don"t enjoy events anymore, as I can't play normally. So please could you adjust settings with Openweather or your provider, to not trigger the alert threshold so often and not reduce the spawn rates if conditions are classical ?

Thanks !

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  • CharlyHCD467CharlyHCD467 Posts: 4 ✭✭
    #227 June, 2020, 07:51 am.

    Yesterday evening I had an ingame weather alert, now it's 09:45 am and still an alert with spawn reduction, because of weather "partially covered" (38300, France) :

    No storm, no hail, just clouds and a little wind !

    Come on, it's getting ridiculous : you shouldn't put an ingame alert and foundable rate reduction if there is not at least on official Meteo France orange or red alert, which are not common.

    Event started 12 hours ago, and I almost saw no emegency foundable - I spent money and time in this game, didn't stop after the 2.13 fail and registry losses, but I won't continue if I get false weather restrictions all the time...

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