Wizarding Challenge etiquette - last second pullout

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New to this forum so perhaps this has been discussed elsewhere. How to address the problem of players who pull out of a team at the very. last. second., leaving people stranded in a fight they cannot win? Happened again today: Dark Chamber V, we had 2 auror, 2 magi, 1 prof (a fine team IMHO) . At the last second, leaving no time for anyone else, the prof and an auror left, stranding auror (me) and 2 magi to go after 21 foes. Second magi left the fight. Don't blame them, really, it was hopeless. The other magi and I played on valiantly, seeing what we could do. Anyway, this stranding people at the last second is nasty. IF you are going to leave, do it at 20 seconds and give others a chance to decide what they want to do instead of forcing them to lose a runestone.



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    @Dissonance238 Firstly, welcome to the forum. and secondly this is a highly discussed topic on here since the knight bus arrived...

    It has yet to be resolved (obviously) but feel free to share your opinions on ways to make it better! A number of us are currently asking that there be some sort of timer lock mechanism, or some way the servers can keep track of repeat offenders of the ditch once the fight begins. If you have other ideas please share!

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    It's not so much the ditch once the fight begins that bugs me, it's the ditch a second before the fight begins, so that there is no time to duck out if your team suddenly disappears. I don't want to do a Dark V chamber without at least one of each profession. I always leave with 20 sec to spare if I don't see a good team forming so that I don't leave anyone in a fight at a disadvantage.

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    A timer limit to when people can leave or join would be good, to act as buffer since at 0 the challenge already starts. I've experienced being launched into a challenge because I entered the chamber at 3 seconds and couldn't react to the profession lineup. Did try my best instead of bailing. If at 30s nobody has pressed join even with complete professions, I hit join and see if people follow. If at 20s not every profession has joined, I leave.

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    I agree this is an issue, but I can't suggest a good (fair) solution. I will say I've played with some REMARKABLE teams since the Knight Bus. But I've been left abandoned a few times also.

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    I like this a lot @Bormacska! So many times I bounce in and out of chambers trying to find a balanced team. This would significantly help.

    It’s not the only thing, but it’s definitely one thing that should be implemented.

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    @MrSciGuy I'm thinking it might also help slow the last minute jump out of players... you don't have to worry that you are going into a chamber with four others of your own profession because you know what you are going into...

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    @Bormacska great idea, i like this. Very usefull for high chambers.

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    Great Idea, @Bormacska.

    Edit: the "more than just 1 group waiting"-Issue is something I see regularly...

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    #1130 June, 2020, 12:31 pm.

    @Bormacska , that´s cool!

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    #1230 June, 2020, 02:38 pm.

    this would be a HUGE help🤞🏼

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    Perhaps a running clock by the chambers with players waiting so that you know how much time until the round would start before entering the chamber. I think i saw on a different discussion that the clock sometimes jumps around/has time added to it when a player joins.

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    #1504 July, 2020, 08:32 pm.

    @Bormacska I like that idea. A drop down menu which you can access with a plus icon (or something similar) to address the 2+ groups issue would also work nicely.

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