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2 things

1 my game doesn’t start with my daily. The last 3-5 days I have come into the game done all sorts of things and nothing counts towards my daily so have to keep doing -losing a lot with this glitch!!!

2-the idea in the final after level of winning the highest level in the fortress is currently impossible so I have NO WAY of completing it! I thought it was to be a challenge not impossible!!!



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    #221 June, 2020, 11:19 pm.

    I would suggest Report A Bug for the daily tasks.

    in terms of the fortress, it’s the highest level you’ve unlocked as of now, which may or may not be Dark V. If Dark V is still locked for you, it’s not impossible to finish the brilliant event - it would just be a different level you’d be fighting for that quest.

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    #321 June, 2020, 11:25 pm.

    Also, I see this is your first post so welcome! The first time I found this forum was sort of by accident and it dropped me in the middle of oneso forgive me if you already know this but you can find Known Issues and Report A Bug off the home button under Questions & Feedback. After doing a little peeking around, it looks like other are having a similar issue so perhaps in the Known Issues thread would be the best.

    Hope that helps!

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