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Any tips and tricks for a player who usually plays solo, and in a rural area so no inns, greenhouses or fortresses nearby and very few foundables when i am at home.

My workplace is in town, so there are a bunch of inns, a greenhouse and a fortress right there, but i don't have time during those hours.

Was glad they put in the Knight Bus feature (Choo fell ovah for?) so i can do fortresses at home when there are no foundables, and i try not to use TTD's more than once a day.

Just today i completed the professor tree.

So in summary, any tips/tricks on how to use potions and collect ingredients more efficiently, battle in fortresses more correctly(?) and how to enjoy the game even more.



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    #207 June, 2020, 05:48 pm.

    @RabbeinuTam this may sound crazy but after work, hang around the area (in your car to be safe) to collect ingredients and foundables. Just a few minutes a day after work will still increase your stats before you know it.

    Master all your potions so you can brew them quicker and line them up in the potion queue so they brew while you’re working.

    Opening portkeys has become easier for me after they added the health app (iPhone) capability...meaning my Apple Watch counts my steps and it applies in WU even if WU is not open on my phone. So not only do I get distance in the game, but I open portkeys fast! My work requires me to be on my feet and moving constantly so it’s awesome that it tracks it.

    As far as inns, greenhouses, and fortresses... when I lived in a rural area, I would sometimes drive to them to use them. Mostly inns and fortresses because greenhouses take time (I always forget to return the greenhouse to collect what I planted). I would also stop at them if I was running errands, etc.

    Hope this helps! I’m not very good at explaining things lol

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    #308 June, 2020, 03:38 am.


    I have a galaxy, but since that update my steps do count toward the portkeys which is a big help because i don't need to keep the app open all the time.

    As for the greenhouses, i have one near my office that is close enough to access from my desk and the hallway, so i can plant from there.

    Regarding potions, i have unlocked all the codes, and i do them in order of the list when i selecting which one to do next.

    If i know i won't be opening the app for a longer period of time, i will put potions that take longer to brew into the queue so that when i come back i still have one that isn't finished and i don't have wasted time

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    #408 June, 2020, 05:29 pm.

    Sounds like you’re doing some good things already! If you’re in a rural area, I recommend increasing spell energy capacity - that way you can enjoy the knight bus for longer in between work

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    #508 June, 2020, 06:01 pm.

    I appreciate that we are now able to get to our BBEs from the Knight Bus! That keeps me trying to brew at least one overnight every few days.

    For those unaware, if you are in the KB fortress, go to the basket in the upper right corner and once you are in Diagon Alley, click on your vault tab to get to your BBEs.

    Thanks @HPWUTeam for this! Makes it so much easier to not have to lose my group in the fortress and still use a BBE!

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    #608 June, 2020, 06:10 pm.

    Nice, I didn’t know that @Bormacska. Thanks!

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    #708 June, 2020, 06:58 pm.

    Wow. Thanks @Bormacska thats good to know.

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    #808 June, 2020, 09:53 pm.

    @Stina1A I try to only use the vault extensions package because it is a good price for an all around upgrade.

    @Bormacska haven't noticed that before.

    When i am playing at home, i usually will start a TTD and wait a minute or two before starting a BBE so that after the TTD finishes i can still get double XP from the remaining traces so that i don't have to rush.

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    #921 June, 2020, 12:12 pm.

    I had a similar problem before inns and greenhouse were added at the building where I live. What I did was to time my planting of ingredients when they are ready for me during work break. I use my break to refill on energy so I expanded my energy cap too. TTD is still your friend for spawns at home so collect as many ingredients as you can. Set a timeframe for each potion type so you can collect as many ingredients that you need. Wizarding Weekend has brew time reduced for TTD. You can also find people who play other Niantic Games to nominate POIs closer to your home so you can have an inn or greenhouse at least.

    If you want to learn from others real time in fortress or play with coordinated groups, try joining some Discord groups like the Hub:

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