Update on 2.13.0 Fragment Issue



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    I’m not quite there yet. I have over 8,000 gold in my account. I quit both Ingress and Pogo over frustrations with game development (even though I still have saved currency in both games). I will wait to see what this next solution is, and what new content is released for the anniversary. It had better be good.

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    Fix as many green stars as possible. The above dragon is a good example for a definitely missing green star. No discussion needed. Decidable by algorithms.

    There is no excuse for totally ignoring such clear cases.

    And please do not consider fragment gifts.

    This would make our registries even more worthless

    Another example:

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    How about the inability to enter a fortress to compete in Wizarding Challenges. Any plans to fix that? Since the most recent update the game freezes every time I try to enter a fortress.

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    @hpwulola can you specify if I have 8/7 fragments and I decide to place the image, will I have 0/7 or 1/7 after that?

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    Surely someone at WB or Niantic, whoever is in charge of this, can do a bit of math to figure out if images ought to be placed based on the sheer quantity seen? I would like some of my 106 demiguises back. Even half would feel fair *to me*, based on the flee rate I’ve experienced.

    not returning anything is unacceptable.

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    @FireNightingale - da missus (mbs808) and i enjoyed exchanging gifts with you. i will miss your contributions to this forum, and the wonderful postcards associated with your giftboxes. aloha !!

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    @GryffinReddit can I ask where you got this information? Thanks!


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    @Bormacska , I got that info in the message from the URL in the message. Niantic Labs About page on their website.

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    Going to my registry still freezes my game. Any idea when that will be fixed?

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    @sakiyuishiro Totally off topic but so nice to see you on the forum again. What is your gift preference?

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    So here is suggestion for make-good solution, that would make me happy:

    Exploration Registry: 100 level 3-5 Runestones to each family page.

    Challenges Registry: 30 red books for each Gold, Silver and Bronze page and 10 red book for each Basic page.

    And this would be given only to those of us who were affected by these bugs.

    Before anyone come asking why 10 books on Basic pages, it’s because some, like me, got some wands on that CD Fortress that are now gone. And I would like some compensation for those too.

    But this is only a suggestion. We probably get just few potions and few gold which only serves as a slap to the face.

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    @DaniD19 Did they actually say this?

    "We're continuously producing new content and events anyway as our core business function. You'll get over how upset you are and forget the waves of losses; time heals all wounds. Also let's stay on-message and relentlessly forward-looking."

    "Accepting your purchases of our virtual currency to remove carefully-designed gameplay pacing throttles? Also our core business function."

    "Spending costly engineer time to get a small fraction of the player base's progress accurately restored? Wrong side of the profit and loss sheet. We'll throw you some additional potions and runestones and books. This is a game, not a level of service/uptime-guaranteed production software-as-a-service, and players should focus on continuing to pay to play, in time and with currency purchases instead of looking backward when we cause sequential data-loss events. Our responsibility to you ends at the EULA."

    "Remember, we're going to throw you an offset. So there's that."

    If yes, can you please kindly provide a link to that?

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    @Jagiellonia i am not sure if they said that as it was @GryffinReddit who posted that.

    I was just quoting what @hpwulola has said in her comment at the bottom of page 4.

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    @GryffinReddit did they actually say that? If yes, can you please provide a link?

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    @hpwulola @HPWUrobert

    If you are not able to calculate exaclty how many fragments you have to return to impacted player : Just give us all returned fragments count or a percentage based on the page progression. It's maybe not fair for not impacted players (i think they won't care) but assume your mistakes.

    If you think about it :

    • Dark detectors can be a compensation for severe and emergency
    • Runestones can be a compensation for forteress foundables

    In this 2 cases, it take a lot of time for target a specific foundable so it can't be a solution

    Greenbooks can be a compensation but it will be unfair for not impacted players

    Anyway, you can't leave us with 0 fragment compensation. I personally don't want your redbooks or potions or coins we don't play to collect them. We are playing for completing registries.

    The other way to assume your mistakes will be to refund real money to players impacted.

    Take your responsability please

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