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    I totally understand that getting this fixed could be difficult. I also understand that while the non “placed” foundables are still a work in progress, if we are to have to catch them again to actually get them registered so we can prestige the frame we have been exhausting our resources Coins, Potions, ingredients, and energy.... We have already felt the surge of decreasing our foundable count received from Fortress battles as well as diminished availability of much needed ingredients ..... it would be nice if some of this could also change to reflect all of the hard work so many of us diligently put into the game along with REAL monies spent. Any consideration to these suggestions is greatly appreciated

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    @IsThisMajorTom - hpwu is saying they cannot or will not implement a one-fix-for-all solution that gives back our fragments and green stars. i am saying that hpwu instead should implement a solution that manually gives back the greenstars and fragments to one player at a time (or a small group at a time if they guarantee not to mess that up)

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    Here are some counts I have extracted from my snapshots, if anyone is interested... I prestiged early on May 7 and lost at least 487 fragments from the exploation part and at least 2986 from the challenges part due to the absence of roll-over. The next bug that hit me was that I realized that something was bad so I had avoided placing Newt from the NY City Street on bronze and had 14/5 (no star), then returned one more and ended up at 5/5. I did that with the Philosofer's Stone as well before I realized it was a royally bad idea and went from 11/5 to 5/5 there, so lost 15 fragments on that bug. Both those foundables are still unplaced, just as "proof", and I have thus felt prevented from returned more of rare those foundables even if I have ran into a couple. Sad. Then the "resolution" stole green stars representing 2067 fragments for the exploration part and 563 frags for the challenges part. The "fix" for the "resolution" did nothing that I noticed.

    Grand total: 6118 lost fragments

    I'm not 100% sure how the May 7 fragment change was intended, but the way I counted in the above was that for foundables which were previously not placed or where the required count was not increased I just adjusted the max fragment count on that foundable. If the foundable was previously placed and the required count increased, I awarded myself a star and then adjusted the max fragment count.

    Some examples:

    I had 7/11 of The Veil on basic, in my calculation of what should have happened I translated that to 7/5 with no star, which should have allowed me to place it and get to 2/5 * and then prestige the page and get to 2/10 on bronze.

    I had 9/9 of Angelina and Fred on basic, and translated that to 9/9, or 0/9 * after placing it.

    I had 5/5 of the Unfinished Marauder's Map on basic, and translated that into 5/7 *, and after prestige of the page that should have been 5/14 on bronze.

    However, I think this way of doing the May 7 change is a not quite right, because I had 10/10 of one of the Oddity dragons, and that translated into 10/3 /with/ a green star which is of course not in line with the above. But I did not want to risk stating a bigger loss than was actually the case.

    I would love to share my spreadsheet with the @HPWUTeam if that could help get my progress reinstated.

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    Hm. I'm not missing fragments, I'm missing green stars. And I refuse to believe that it is impossible to at least make educated guesses on whether a star is missing or not.

    Supposed the stored numbers are not sufficient to decide, consider a heuristic approach:

    Search for other accounts that have the same prestige but a green star on that very foundable. Check the number of foundables seen and compare it to that in question. If you find many accounts with less seen (but green star) you can assume that the green star is missing.

    In doubt restore the green star.

    TEST THIS before rolling it out.

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    Green Stars are not mentioned in the first post, maybe there is hope for those. I played a lot over the weekend and give it one more try. I for sure won't spend any money for the time being. The next **** up - I'm out.

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    @GRYFFINREDDIT, that is the most sensible idea I’ve heard. I’m at level 44 and have seen 93 occamy eggs, yet they’re not placed on my bronze level page. Sane with Quidditch Ron and the goblet of fire.

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    @hpwulola @HPWUrobert I agree with @WSDC13888 .

    Please combine fix 1 and fix 2 into a single, correct, tested script, that would give each foundable (regular and challenge) the maximum fragment count on 5/6(before 2.13) and 5/27(before the fixes), if it is larger than the current count. Also give the foundable the green star if it has a green star on either of those dates. Keep each page at the highest prestiged level too.

    Then start a thread where people can self-identify and compile all the accounts into a list to run the script on. Or let people contact in-game help to request the fix. Do this in batches and start with small set of volunteers.

    I think only that can be considered as the proper make-good solution. Please give it some consideration. Thanks.

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    @MtPollux I don't know about 15o red books, either, but I do my wife (level 38 Magi) got just about 40 (she said 38) red books from the fix. I'm a level 46 Magi and know I lost a lot - placed images, green stars, prestigable pages and red books - without being able to place numbers on them. But with clearly in excess of 100 green stars gone - that's a lot of returned foundables!

    My registry, what pride I had in this game, the fun I had whilst playing, and any real motivation to play on have all been bashed!

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    @OriginalCaruso , those posting here don't care as much about the combat system as they used to...

    The rush of the Knight Bus is now a distant memory to us.

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    @sistermoira It is not clear to me how that would translate for the "Symbols of the Wizarding World II" page in my registry. Before May 7 I had 98/120, 150/150, 180/180, 150/150 and 120/120 on bronze for the crests on that page. I believe the intention was that I should have been able to roll all those fragments all the way to gold, and then some. But after prestiging that page too early I ended up with 0/21 on silver for all of them. Before the "resolution" I had collected more so that the counts were 19/21, 3/21, 18/21, 10/21 and 13/21 (do not know if I had any stars that was lost on that page, 3/21 seems low so perhaps I lost a star there but I'm not certain so have not calculated with that in my grand total loss of 6118 fragments).

    So, the question is, using your algorithm, where should I be on that page?

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    This is not acceptable at all!! Hours of play, 100’s of miles walked, 100’s of battles played (solo and teams), 1000’s of potions used, 1000’s of fragments lost (over 800 flobberworms alone!) and only knows how many coins and energy used! And you tell me it can’t be sorted?!?! I’m out. Not the way I expected this game to go. I dread to think how many people are no requesting refunds from Apple/google etc. Feel completely let down and kicked in the teeth over this.

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    @MtPollux easily yes. I know of many that are in that very same boat! I lost May 7th fragments, fragments since May 7th AND the majority of my green stars on all pages. I had one star left on my wands pages when I had almost everything green starred on the challenge pages. I was on the Knight Bus when the second “fix” went out. The repair of fix didn’t return anything. I have been set so far backwards, it’s not even funny.

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    @pedapeda I believe in that case you should keep the silver page and get 98/150/180/150/120 fragment counts. Get green stars for the ones that were placed before.

    I'm in a similar situation on the last 3 challenge families. We should be able to prestige all the way to gold on every page there. Especially after the challenge nerf, those fragments are hard to come by, and permanently losing that progress is going to be very disappointing. I don't want to have to grind for wand fragments again.

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    Perfect, @KIHEIKID.

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    What SHOULD happen is that those of use who have before and after screenshots showing lost fragments, be given those fragments back. And, if you have the data in the server of before and after the 5/27 "correction", then replace ALL of those fragments, as well.

    If there is no "one size fits all" solution, then do what's right, and individually replace ALL lost fragments for every account that was impacted by this debacle. No amount of compensation will replace the amount of time it took to earn all those fragments.

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    Giving potions or dark detectors won't work, because the most valuable resource that is lost is the time we spent, either walking around looking for the rare spawns, or fighting in high level fortress chambers.

    I just want my fragments back and I believe they have the data to make a good enough approximate restoration.

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    @hpwulola Any updates on what the "make-good" solution is? I'm sure there are many that will be determining if they will be choosing to continue playing or not, based on what it is... if it ends up being another massive kick to our progress, it will likely be the "third strike", that drives many players away from the game. I know that I will be very offended if it is some sort of blanket gift to all players.

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    I appreciate how busy you are but my Swooping Evils are my favourite fragments and I really want them back! I actually don't care about losing all my Deatheaters and other fragments. Just these ones!

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    Hi @hpwulola thanks for notifying. Question: are we supposed to be prestiging our pages or not? I noticed that if I didn't place an image in my registry, then any additional fragments I collected would not be added. For example I have 100 doxy ready and the max at the silver level is 25 I believe. But I didn't place the image. When I collected another doxy fragment the total number didn't add to 101/25 but rather stayed on 100. So if I don't place the images or do place them I'm out of luck?

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