Family XP bonus for max fragments is minus

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@HPWUTeam Hello,

When a placed foundable has max foundable, I let it shine until I prestige the page. So in the brilliant event I returned a quaffle (low threat). My quaffle had max fragments. Before the event it gived 4 (3 for returning low, 1 for max fragment). When I returned at the event it gave 2. However low foundables give 3 family xp. So the issue is that I received 3 + -1. So the max fragment bonus was minus. I also returned a beater's bat which is medium and has max fragment, it gave 4. However it must be 6(5 for medium + 1 max fagment bonus). Again it is -1. Today I catched a slytherin student(low) and it gave 2 again so the issue isn't solved. The same issue happened with the Marauder's map:

It says that there is a max fragment bonus so I should receive 6 instead for because it is a medium foundable.

Thank you.

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    #201 June, 2020, 06:18 pm.

    Also severe foundables' bonus is -2. It should be 12(They normally give 10) or 11 if the bonus

    is also 1 for severe foundables. Also an erkling that I returned gave 5 instead of 7 so:

    • Low and medium: -1
    • High and severe: -2

    (Emergency could be -3 but I don't have an evidence so that's a prediction.)

    Note: It didn't affect brilliant foundables from quidditch cup part 2.

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    #301 June, 2020, 08:52 pm.

    The fragment to family xp conversion (max fragment) is as follows

    Low - 2

    Medium - 4

    High - 5

    Severe - 8

    Emergency - 15

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