Delay the May Wizarding Weekend

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Due to the May 7 "fix", followed by the two failed fixes, yesterday; there are now thousands of players missing hundreds or thousands of foundable fragments. Some of those missing fragments were ones earned in preparation to try to prestige pages during the weekend event.

To make things worse, after the issues were seen from the first fix, yesterday, @HPWUrobert instructed players not to prestige images, until the issues were corrected. The issues are obviously not corrected for thousands of players.

If you roll forward with the weekend event, you will have a large portion of the player base that will not be able to participate in the event, due to complications for you third iteration of failed fixes. There was two weeks used to "diagnose and resolve" what caused the May 7th issue, followed by a week to "bug test" a fix for the issue. The fix broke even more of the game, causing loss of placed images (stars). A quick fix was implemented, to try to fix that failed fix, yet the quick fix broke even more, resulting in a loss of many players fragments earned yesterday.

Many players have zero faith that the fourth iteration will resolve all of these compounded issues. Proceeding with the event as scheduled is just going to punish those effected by the failed fixes even more, unless a true fix is found within the next 24 hours.

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