How to request gifts, charms, and friends?

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How do you "ask" friends for ingredient gifts in general or for specific charms during matches in fortresses? Also, how do you get past the 200 Friends benchmark? I was able to get to Level 31 but only made 89 / 200 friends despite using some of the Facebook groups for exchanging friend codes.

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    Hi @ITheRebelI and welcome to the forum.

    The most reliable way to ask for specific gifts or communicate during battle is by using an outside means of communication, such as discord or a Facebook group. It is possible to battle in a fortress with friends, but currently it's kind of a process finding each other. There are many discord groups that have been formed to allow people to connect and then chat during battle for just that reason.

    As far as adding friends and gift preference, there are many spots where people have posted friend codes (Facebook, discord, Reddit, this forum). You could express a preference in your post (my friend code is xxxx, please send energy), but there's no effective way to update those requests without being able to communicate with your friends.

    Can I ask why you want to get to 200 friends? There are only soany gifts that you can send and open each day. Personally, I try to keep my list smaller so that I can keep up with sending decent gifts to everyone as regularly as possible.

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