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I have a question for Aurors riding the Knight bus to team up in DCV. When you transfer focus to a Professor, how would you prefer the Professor to use that focus - to hex your death eaters and dark wizards, or charm you?

I start every challenge with 4 focus, so my typical strategy is to charm myself first, then start hexing the toughest foes as the focus adds up. But I’m wondering if the same 3 focus might be better used charming aurors early on?




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    Can I ask you a question, @Mauismom? Why have you used the det hex strategy so far? Also, how much do you know about the different professions? I am just wondering if there is anything we can teach you or help you understand a little better. That might help you think about the battle in a different way.

    Also, thank you for reaching out and asking these questions. I know that my group actually does like seeing people asking questions and trying to learn.

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    thats a typical solo game play. i think

    once got a team of AAAPM and the professor never give proficiency charm nor shield. how sad

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    The hex is only 40 dmg, pretty low amount for a dark V, it's kinda a waste of focus if you can cast other spells. Unless you need to tank a difficult foe and need hex to trigger your passives, but this is very situational.

    Proficiency first or shield first... Imo it depends on the enemies you face and the group composition. But when in doubt... Use shields. Shields are always safe.

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    I usually shield first Aurors and myself 1st. Especially if in Dark V, Professors and Aurors don't last long vs hight * enemies. My strategy changes, depending on the quality of the other players in the Bus. If no focus is being sent my way, I shield myself first. If there are more targets for a certain profession spawning, that profession gets the shield first. There are so many factors to adapt to... but hexing is ALWAYS the last thing that you do, in higher level challenges.

    If you can't adapt to the playstyle of others, there is a higher chance of failure in the Bus, especially since there is no form of communication, unless you are with a group that you know and have an external chat set up with.

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    Auror 15 and Prof 14 here.

    Imo Proficiency first always, but the shields should come not much later,

    As auror I start with 4 focus, and pass 3 to the first Prof on the left, then I cast confussion on the dude im going to fight to survive that fight. I usually get the shield after 1 or 2 battles this way.

    I keep giving focus to that same prof until I got my shield and then give focus to the magy to get anti elites and start fighting those.

    in a 20 mob chamber Im usually defeating 6-7 of them.

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    @Flacoman when you say you confuse the dude you’re about to fight after passing initial focus, are you confusing death eaters? If so, confusion doesn’t do anything for DEs. You may already know this, but too many times in D5, I’m seeing confusion on DEs. I thought it was worth commenting.

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    Oh sorry, I was talking about Weakening hex (I said I use it to survive), Got those mixed because my game is in spanish and my english is not very good.

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    #1027 May, 2020, 09:48 pm.

    @Flacoman fair enough! I know there are some things that don't always translate well from other languages. Makes sense now.

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    When AAAMP happens (I'm P). Is it better to try shielding all 3 As prior to proficiency? I have difficulty with this, especially when I'm not being passed focus. I'll get shields on everyone eventually, but if a single A is passing, and the other 2 aren't, I've no way of telling who's the team player, and therefore no idea who to throw that initial shield to first.

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    @Grumkin it can be really hard to tell. The only thing I can sometimes tell is if one or two aurors jump into a foe right away while someone is still passing me focus. Helps me narrow down who passed and who didn't. And I shield appropriately based on that info. But that's just in the initial seconds of the battle. Sometimes between foes, I might see myself getting focus and again will look to see who's engaged, and who isn't to know who is passing.

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    Auror with a magic wife speaking. Proficiency first! Then shield yourself, after that the magis. Aurors last. And when that is done, use your hex for your enemies, not ours. We're fine. ;)

    Proficiency really speeds up the all battles, so I want it early.

    The shield on yourself is double effective, as it also enhances your passive. With shield and enough passives active (Aurors just need to confuse werewolves and Pixies) you take no damage anymore.

    The magi also takes no damage when shielded. No need for the Aurors to weaken any spiders. (No need anyway because the magi has bonus defense versus spiders.)

    This reduces the magis need to heal/revive to the Aurors.

    Aurors are advised to weaken DEs and DWs and to confuse DWs, Pixies, Werewolves and most importantly Erklings!

    Yes, this tactics imply that Aurors are revived in the early game. That's fine, Aurors just should give back that single focus to the Magic.

    P.S.: the Det Hey is 80, not 40 damage because it also occurs when the enemy is attacking. Nevertheless IMHO it's not worth 3 focus without the bonus from the professors passives

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    @ValdarX It is always interesting to see different people's playing styles. I must say, as a professor and a magi, there is no point casting proficiency to gain focus faster if the magi is spending it all trying to revive aurors who have been knocked out every five seconds. That is why I prioritise auror shields above my own as well - aurors go down quicker.

    As for confusing pixies, please don't. Not unless:

    A) It is a non professor taking the pixie

    B) The professor needs their passives to kick in

    C) There is nothing else to spend your focus on.

    Pixies don't dodge professors, not high level ones, at least. Confusion is essential for 5 star erklings (even as a Level 14 magi, they dodge me), and is great for breaking down the defence breach on fierce werewolves. But for a maxed professor, confusion on a pixie is a waste of focus.

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    I need my 4 star erkling also get a confuse hex.

    Pretty pleaseee

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    @Magpie31 proficiency is not only for gaining focus faster, but it also saves some spell energy and speeds up the battle on general - which is good when riding the knight bus with people of unknown Teamplay skill.

    Elite buff is not that important to be early on, I prefer just taking a different enemy and let the elites wait. Oh, and I also prefer an AAMMP Team - one Magi can revive Aurors and the other one can build up focus for the elite buff. Aaaaaand the two Magis can revive each other :D

    Yes, Aurors go down quite quick in DCV - at least compared to the other professions. But it's not that bad. Usually I can knout out two foes before the third one knocks me out right at the start. That's usually okay and even not being revived does not fail the fight. A second revival is mostly not needed or at a very late stage of the battle when enough focus is available.

    Thanks for the hint not to confuse Pixies :)

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    #1730 May, 2020, 12:29 pm.

    @ValdarX You are welcome. And I am sure there are professors out there who like a confusion on their pixies (probably helps with fierce pixies who can punch quite hard!), but for a lot of us, when considering priorities, pixies are pretty low.

    Good point on proficiency, but the aurors I know (and we are talking maxed aurors) tend to go down during the first foe with no shield. I try to take my lead from the aurors in the group where possible. The ones I play with regularly prefer shields first.

    2 magis is really nice, and I find it is a lot less pressure because the two of you are catching people at different times. I don't like playing with less than 2 aurors because not enough focus gets passed around.

    Different things for different people, though. As long as people are thinking about the team play as a whole, rather than jumping in and just det hexing their own foes, it is all good!

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    @Magpie31 after some testing, I think you're right with shielding the Aurors first. At least before the Magis. Depending on how fast the Magi with the elite buff is and whether there are enough foes for the Prof, maybe even Aurors before Professors. Need to max my professor first to test this from a professor's point of view.

    And sure are we talking about maxed professions ;)

    Btw: for the first battle, I prefer DEs over DWs because they only need the weakening hex. As I usually pass three focus to a professor, I can't attack DWs efficiently.

    And I never go down on my first 5* DE. But I do actually towards the end of the second one, depending on crit hits. So my above comment seems to be too optimistic.

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    Thanks for this strategy discussion. I'm a max Professor but until the Knight Bus didn't have anyone to battle with so hadn't learned the strategies for battling in a group. Since reading this I've taken on 2 Dark Vs with teams and beat them with ease.

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