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in Report a Bug #1 latest comment 26 May, 2020, 09:19 pm.

I was unable to complete the most recent event and struggled to complete the last few because I believe that it was broken and flawed.

These events are meant to be done from home due to the issues with COVID and yet, there has not been enough done to help people achieve completing the event. The trace potions don’t give you enough of what is needed to complete the event, there is still hardly anything spawing in general and you can go most of the day with never finding event related foundables.

I used three trace potions in a row, only to have nothing to very little of the event traces spawn in order to complete the event. I feel this is a rip off for players who keep participating only to struggle to finish. You make all these changes to help play from time, but it seems it doesn’t fix the issue with even trace potions.

This also isn’t the first time this has happened. The last couple of the events have been an issue where the trace potions don’t spawn enough of what is needed. We’re still meant to keep social distancing and not loiter around area when we are out and yet there isn’t enough happening to help finish these events.

To add more insult to the issue, during the events, I’d wake up and open the app to do the daily and work on the event just to find hardly any foundables on the map. The very next day after the event has ended and I have been unable to complete it, I wake to find 10 foundables/traces/whatever in the map for me to complete the 10 daily in one go!

why would there be LESS during the event and hours after it’s ended am I suddenly flooded with a whole daily needs worth?! Doesn’t this seemed flawed to you? Shouldn’t you have MORE during the event?!

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