"let me take it from here", taking over someone's fortress battle

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There are times in battles where there are no foes that you're strong against except for one that someone has already started and you can see them getting knocked about, taking potions and making very slow progress. Because we're on the Knight Bus we haven't been able to set ground rules, we can't communicate and there certainly isn't time for a chat window.

We need the ability to tap them on the shoulder and say "let me take it from here" and they can either concede or reject.

The function can be limited so that you have to be strong in the foe you're taking over, or you have to have a certain amount of focus or you have to be Player #1.

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    @itamernz - kia ora! (inferring from your name that you are a kiwi)

    in the absence of a real in-game comm system, perhaps the “tap on the shoulder” might be a zero-focus charm or hex placed by a teammate from the outside while the player is engaged against a non-proficiency foe ... BUT the teammate would have to be paying close attention to both the player’s own hitpoints and/or the foe’s hitpoints to notice the difference (small as it may be) made from the outside and during the heat of battle ... and recognize that difference as such a “tap on the shoulder” (ie, may i cut in?)

    i know that profs have a healing charm that, at max, restores player’s hit points by 4, and that aurors have a small hex (forget the name) that reduces a foe’s hit points by 3 or 4 (didn’t really pay attention to that detail since i am not an auror). both these charms/hexes use zero focus but can only be used every 5 seconds. i do not know what is the magizoologist’s counterpart zero-focus charm (maybe also healing)?

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    The zero focus strategic spells of Professor and Magizoologist are healing 2 (4) stamina. 😊

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    I thought this feature already exists. I noticed that when I was battling death waters or werewolves(I'm an auror), when I take more than 4-5 spells and still have 25% or so to go to finish it off, someone takes me out of the fight and I go back to main screen. Then I have to select another enemy and start battling. I thought that it is a special power either professors or magizoologists have. They are probably doing that on purpose because I'm too slow???

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    @Dragons1111 No such feature like that currently. I think it’s probably a glitch/bug. I get that sometimes even battling a foe I’m proficient with. It’s odd. Doesn’t always happen, but I think a slow internet connection might cause it. I’m not sure 🤔 But at least it’s possible to re-select a foe and continue battling.

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    rather than hope for currently non-existent way to “tap on the shoulder”, best bet is to try to educate as many players as we can reach, as to tactics and strategy ... so that players do not engage a foe that they are deficient (or even neutral) against except as a last resort ... and even in that scenario, do as much damage as you can in 1-3 strikes and then exit that foe engagement in hope that another teammate who is proficient against such foe is now available.

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    just came out of a dark5 engagement as part of AAAMP team. unfortunately, way too many spiders and erklings for just one magizoo. after dispatching the werewolves and pixies, i focused on engaging the excess spiders and erklings, but only to chug a potent/strong exstimulo with which to deliver 1-3 hits and then exit the engagement and move on to the next spider or erkling and repeat the process. even though deficient against spiders and erklings, our team’s 3 aurors were pretty efficient at mopping up the weakened beasty foes that our lone magizoologist could not get to first.

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