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I’m still a little confused on the ‘glimmering’ fragments after they have been placed vs prestiging a page. Here is an example for me:

The Vampire shows 30/22 with the image previously placed, while I’m waiting on placing the Werewolf and the bow. I placed the Pixie and Brown Centaur, but have not yet gone over the second Round of collecting these fragments. What happens if I place the Vampire again before prestiging? Is it a choice to make? Whether to take the Family points and experience or wait until I get the Werewolf and Bow and carry over the extras? If I place it now I suspect it will go to 12/22. Will I still have the green star? If I prestige now will I have 12/55 on the next page or 30/55? This is not self-explanatory.

Here’s another example:

All 4 of the placed stickers are glimmering. I keep getting a ‘place image’ button whenever I get another one. However, not like the Vampire, these stickers do not show over the base amount, even though I know I have many more than 20 beater’s bats, esp with this event. What happens if I re-place the images here? Should I? Or should I wait till I get Ron and the stands and carry over? If I re-place now will the extras show up? Will they be lost and it go back to 0/20 (bat)? I have no current way to see how many more than 20 I have done. Will appreciate any insight!!



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    all good questions... @hpwulola ? our knowledge queen, could you give some sage advice?

    My Thoughts:

    I believe that the MG&S image, with beater's bats, bludgers and snitches, if you see those things often enough (especially with this event) that you feel safe in prestiging them it will give you additional FXP and WXP for each one as you prestige. Same with the cards. If you feel like you will see Ron and pick up enough stands in the next day or two it might be worth it to hold off on that prestige and let it overflow to the silver frame, especially as you have all four of those maxed out.

    As for the vampire in the Oddities frame, that is where i would love to hear what the @HPWUTeam has to say, because you aren't the only one confused!

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    The new system is not easily determined, so you're not alone in being confused by it! I'll try to explain best I can.

    You are correct you have a choice with the vampire. You could leave it, or place again. If you place, it will take you to 8/22 (30-22=8), still green star, and you should receive 125 fxp for that placement. If you prestige right away without earning more vampire fragments, you'll go to gold at 8/30. If you decide not to place so you can carry over all those fragments to gold, you would have 30/30 and be able to place right away on gold for 250 fxp, and get the green star there as well for the placement. The drawback to this method, although there's nothing wrong with it, is if you get more vampires before prestiging, you'll stay at 30/22. The system does not allow for you to add more fragments once you hit the max number. For many, it's a matter of deciding how soon you'll be able to prestige. If you think you'll be able to prestige before getting more vampires, sit on them and don't place on silver. But if it will be a while before you can prestige, and you know you'll be able to get a bunch of vampires in the meantime, it may be worth the silver placement value (125 fxp), and carry on collecting vampire fragments for carry over. Source for my numbers:

    For the Quidditch Pitch page - As mentioned before, you cannot go over max fragments. So where your beater bats show 20/20, that is all you have assuming this pic was taken after the 2.13.1 update. Even though you've been catching more, it will only go to 20. So you have the same decision to make here. Will you be able to collect more fragments of those four items before you collect enough Ron's and Pitch stands to prestige? If yes, consider placing for bronze rewards. If no, consider not placing to save the fragments for carryover to silver. It's really up to you what rewards you want. The one thing I do not mention, because I still haven't got my head around it yet, is the fxp per catch you get for maxed foundables vs non-maxed foundables. I believe you get more fxp when you catch a foundable that is not maxed. Which is an argument to place on your current pages before prestiging. But it still depends on what you value more. For really rare foundables, I'm holding them for prestige and forgoing any extra rewards I may be missing by not placing. That's my personal choice, but there's not really a right or wrong. Here's the equivalent graphic for the Quidditch Pitch page in case it helps:

    And sorry if someone else has written a reply, this took a while to write out!

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    i think simpler way is fragment get => green star first => prestige page.

    you can do multiple "placed image" after green star appeared but its not mandatory anymore

    any left over after FIRST green star would be carried over to next page.

    new fragment over max cap supposed to be converted into FXP at victory screen.

    old fragment over max cap, i hope it will still retain until the page get prestige

    isnt it?

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    I'm really confused by the recent changes too.

    I'm reluctant to place anything at the moment: there are many issues with the way that the app now behaves, not least the fact that changes they've made are so user-hostile.

    (What were Niantic thinking when they tried to introduce two major changes to the game in the same release?!)

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    if shimmer (so numerator exceeds denominator) but no green star, ok to tap on it to get green star and the numerator will now change as a result. new fragment count will be (old numerator minus denominator)/denominator

    if new numerator with green star still exceeds denominator, it is your choice whether to tap it again to get xp but i would recommend against it because you are decreasing carryover into next prestige level for the page

    in my opinion, better way is to NOT tap any green starred item until after entire page is prestiged to next level

    note: if already on gold prestige page, maybe it matters less because currently there is no prestige level beyond gold. but who can say whether they might roll out additional prestige levels beyond gold at some point in the future when they run out of ways to stoke interest and/or move the ball forward?

    my two cents (we do not have knuts here)

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    I save the glimmering stickers for presting but there are some hard traces which makes the sticker glimmer for a long time. for example I have 0 Firenze but my blast ended skewrt is shining so I can't view the info for a long time. A change is needed to safely see the foundable screen.

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