2.13.0 Fragment Issue Resolution

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Hi everyone! We have news to share regarding the fix we have to resolve issues caused by the 2.13.0 game update.

Recap of the Issue

There were two significant changes with Game Update 2.13.0: Repeat Image Collection and Fragment count standardization. The purpose of these changes were to amplify the importance of every Encounter and reward players for returning Foundables and collecting Fragments while also providing consistency throughout the Registry. 

In the hour after updating the Fragment Counts, players reported that their Fragments didn't carry over to the next page frame after they Prestiged, but instead, all the Fragments on the page reset back down to zero. The players who Prestiged Registry pages before updating to the 2.13.0 update lost Fragments for all the Images on the page, and lost additional Fragments that we confirmed would carry over to the next frame.

After updating to 2.13.0, players reported that Fragments were carrying over to the next frame after Prestiging the page. However, a separate issue affected the Registry, causing Fragment counts to restart back at zero after placing the Image, and any extra Fragments were cleared. So, players with 2.13.0 who placed Images before we released a server fix at 9:45 PM PDT on May 7th lost additional Fragments that we confirmed would be retained after placing the Image. 

Today, we're announcing a resolution to add missing Fragments back to these players' accounts. Players who weren't impacted by the issues noted above will not see Fragment updates to their Registry.

The Fix

For players who Prestiged any Registry Pages or placed a Image between May 7th, 10:19 AM PDT to May 7th, 9:45 PM PDT, we are adding back the number of lost Fragments of any non-Brilliant Foundable that had a lower Fragment count compared to the number of Fragments we found in your Registry on May 6th, then adding that number to your current totals.


When will the Fragments I lost on May 7th be returned to my account?

Fragments lost on May 7th may take some time to reach your account. We'll begin the process and add Fragments back over the next several days and players may see Fragments added back as early as May 21st.

After the fix I returned a Foundable and the Fragments didn’t get added; what happens to those?

You’re unable to collect more Fragments once you’ve reached the max count, and any additional Fragments are converted to Family XP. You have two options to continue collecting Fragments: 

  1. Place the Foundable’s Image and redeem the Fragments for Family XP; or
  2. Prestige the page and increase the max Fragment count

Is it normal to see more Fragments than the max count? 

Yes, Fragment overflow can happen in the following cases: 

  • If you’ve done nothing since May 6th (before the 2.13 update)
  • If you received Fragments after the fix detailed above

Will my Fragments roll over?

As long as you’re able to Prestige the page, the Fragments shown on the page will roll over to the next frame.

Thank You!

Thank you for all your patience as our team was tackling this issue. We have learned a lot from these issues while rolling out the 2.13.0 game update and will take steps to prevent issues like this going forward.

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  • AdalineClarkAdalineClark Posts: 22 ✭✭
    #220 May, 2020, 10:25 pm.

    Thank you for working to get this sorted out! I'm sure it hasn't been easy, but it is certainly appreciated.

  • lamorackelamoracke Posts: 18 ✭✭
    #320 May, 2020, 11:00 pm.

    yeah, am sure its not easy, will keep checking my registry pages and pull for you guys.

  • DextraoneDextraone Posts: 35 ✭✭
    #520 May, 2020, 11:53 pm.

    Thank you for the progress update! Got the in app notification which is greatly appreciated.

  • UrbanChronotisUrbanChronotis Posts: 22 ✭✭
    #621 May, 2020, 12:14 am.

    Many thanks for the update @HPWULOLA , @HPWUROBERT !

    I have three questions:

    Firstly, there is still a green star shown next to those fragments which can only be collected once on the Brilliant Event pages. Similarly the fragments on the "Mysteries" pages. In a previous Niantic comment, I read that this was unintentional, and that these fragments should not be re-settable. However they still are. I assume this remains an unresolved issue - however until it is resolved, these fragments might still be unintentionally lost forever.

    Will these lost fragments be reinstated?

    Secondly, I don't believe it's now possible to place any new 'one-off' fragments without also resetting their count to zero. Fragments such as the trophy cabinet (and others) for the current Brilliant Event.

    Will these forcibly reset fragments also be reinstated?

    Thirdly, it appears to now be impossible to view the description of a placed fragment without also resetting it's count. If this is not a bug or if I'm missing something, please advise how this may be done.

  • NightmaritusNightmaritus Posts: 11 ✭✭
    #721 May, 2020, 06:35 am.

    Thank you for tackling the issue, and fixing it. I appreciate all the effort the team has put in to this. I know it must have not been easy, but you’ve done it.

    Thank you again!

  • Joshv009Joshv009 Posts: 16 ✭✭
    #821 May, 2020, 06:42 am.


    Thanks for working on a resolution, However your in game notification coupled with this announcement has left me confused. The following wordings have me worried. " We will be adding fragments back to players who lost fragments by prestiging a page or placing an image on May 7th with the 2.13.0 update."

    Please help with clarity on the below queries, it would be really helpful.


    Q1. Is the fix only for people who Prestiged the page/placed the image after updating to 2.13.0?


    Q2 Will people who placed images and Prestiged the page before updating to 2.13.0 also get the same fix with the fragment count being added back?

  • OGMagusOGMagus Posts: 11 ✭✭
    #921 May, 2020, 08:20 am.

    (Overcount) "If you’ve done nothing since May 6th (before the 2.13 update)"

    I have done LOTS of exiting out of encounters in fear whenever I saw the higher number. Hardly "nothing" :)

  • ElisaWilsonElisaWilson Posts: 71 ✭✭
    #1021 May, 2020, 08:20 am.

    Thank you very much for your efforts to restore everything that has been lost! I'm sure all players greatly appreciate it.

    However, I also have a question regarding the following situation:

    I had 5/3 fragments from a severe foundable. After I returned it the result screen showed me -2 fragments and the counter went to 3/3. After I placed the image, the counter went to 0/3, so the fragments didn't roll over.

    Something similar happened with foundables one gets only from challenges. It was one of the Emblems from Symbols of the Wizarding World III. Before the update I had almost all of it (almost 70 fragments), but after a battle it went to -50 or so, because of the new counts. Will the foundables lost this way also be restored? Or did they already transformed to family XPs without me noticing?

    Thank you very much for the answer in advance and have a nice day! :)

  • DogoutlawDogoutlaw Posts: 1,872 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #1121 May, 2020, 02:03 pm.

    @hpwulola I also have similar questions to above. Wand fragments lost because they were rewarded in the fortress and it took me down to max fragment count. I understand cxp was given in exchange, but would have preferred to keep the fragments for placement on higher page. Do we get those back?

    Also, are the BE pages functioning as intended? Are we supposed to place the task rewards and have them show 0/1? The initial announcement about 2.13 said the BE pages would not be affected, but they are. So now I’m not sure if it was the standard fragment count being referred to, or if it’s not supposed to have to new green star system either. If the latter, will it be fixed?

  • Smyrna38Smyrna38 Posts: 21 ✭✭
    #1221 May, 2020, 02:11 pm.

    I’m still a little confused on the ‘glimmering’ fragments after they have been placed vs prestiging a page. Here is an example for me:

    The Vampire shows 30/22 with the image previously placed, shile I’m waiting on placing the Werewolf and the bow. I placed the Pixie and Brown Centaur, but have not yet gone over the second Round of collecting these fragments. What happens if I place the Vampire again before prestiging? Is it a choice to make? Whether to take the Family points and experience or wait until I get the Werewolf and Bow and carry over the extras? If I place it now I suspect it will go to 12/22. Will I still have the green star? If I prestige now will I have 12/55 on the next page or 30/55? This is not self-explanatory. I have one more pic, I’ll create another post with that example.

  • NightmaritusNightmaritus Posts: 11 ✭✭
    #1321 May, 2020, 03:02 pm.

    @Smyrna38 I suggest you wait until you have all the werewolf and centaur bow, just to be on the safe side. It’s what I am doing with some of my pages that are waiting to be prestiged to bronze. For example, I have 8/5 on one of the Ministry pages, and I’m waiting until I can get the one image filled, and I won’t be clicking any of the shimmering images that go over the needed amount of fragments.

  • DogoutlawDogoutlaw Posts: 1,872 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited May 21 #1421 May, 2020, 03:13 pm.

    @Smyrna38 I think you posted your question on another thread and it was answered. Did you see that?


  • C4tmonsterC4tmonster Posts: 46 ✭✭
    #1521 May, 2020, 05:27 pm.

    @Smyrna38 / @Nightmaritus the biggest issue I have is what a happens when we scroll through page and accidentally touch click an entry with over count - we lose the over-count, gain XP on accident. Also, when you have over count, you can no longer review the item until you have all page counts - which was not the case in the past. @hpwulola - I think you need some for of toggle question to avoid this situation - ie. do you want submit for XP or view. I for one have accidentally clicked a couple just reviewing the registry pages to see where I am at or if issue is resolved and lost a significant count to "new" wizard XP.

  • xxxlindyxxxlindy Posts: 86 ✭✭✭
    #1621 May, 2020, 06:28 pm.

    Yes, please. You have a "are you sure you want to" on renting the extra cauldron. A similar message would help to spending fragments due to swiping.

  • DaniSachettiDaniSachetti Posts: 3 ✭✭
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    Good afternoon, @hpwulola

    We were informed that the fragments would be returned today (21) ... Do you have a timetable?

  • HidrazonaHidrazona Posts: 58 ✭✭✭
    #1821 May, 2020, 08:19 pm.

    @DaniSachetti 21st at earliest, could take a few days more, according to the post. They probably don't do it all at the same time, but rather in waves or account per account.

  • HPWUrobertHPWUrobert Posts: 612 admin
    #1921 May, 2020, 08:41 pm.

    Image details weren't viewable for an Image even without Repeat Image Collection and 2.13.0. The past behavior has been altered because players now prefer to wait (after placing an image once) and keep fragments to roll over after prestige, but that's a great suggestion @C4tmonster and something we're looking into.

  • HPWUrobertHPWUrobert Posts: 612 admin
    #2021 May, 2020, 09:33 pm.

    About issues with placing Brilliant Foundables @UrbanChronotis

    Will these lost fragments be reinstated?

    We are looking at the Image placement issues with Brilliant Foundables, but here are no plans to return Brilliant Fragments, however.

  • DogoutlawDogoutlaw Posts: 1,872 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #2121 May, 2020, 10:02 pm.

    @HPWUrobert could you please answer my question in post #11 above? From you what you just said in #20, I'm concerned the BE pages are not working as intended...

  • UrbanChronotisUrbanChronotis Posts: 22 ✭✭
    #2321 May, 2020, 11:12 pm.

    Hi @Dogoutlaw, whilst your waiting for @HPWUrobert to reply, can I restate that the Brilliant Event and Mysteries pages definitely are NOT working as Niantic intended: he one-off images should not be re-settable. I think it was @HPWUFazes who confirmed this - but I don't recall if it was here, on Reddit or one of the other discussion channels.

    (Until they get this fixed, I'm not placing any more one-off images in my Registry: I don't want the counters for these automatically reset to zero - especially as it seems there is currently no intention to reinstate these fragments as part of a bug-fix)

  • DogoutlawDogoutlaw Posts: 1,872 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #2522 May, 2020, 01:09 am.

    @HPWUrobert Thanks for the reply, I completely understand replacing lost fragments is a priority. I'm just in a state of not know if I should place anything in the current BE, as well as one last item for wk 1 that finished after the update. I know if I place, they'll go green star, show 0/x, and most likely function like the exploration registry. I just didn't know if they SHOULD function that way. If that is the intention, I'll know how to proceed with those pages. Otherwise, I can wait to place until it's addressed. Thanks for your time.

  • SparkingPacesSparkingPaces Posts: 14 ✭✭
    #2622 May, 2020, 01:20 pm.

    @hpwulola or @HPWUrobert

    I am still confused about how this new update works. In the picture below you can see that I have placed the dungbombs image and then filled it back up again.

    The only way to roll those fragments over is to prestige the whole page first, correct?

    Also, would it be possible to make it so we can go over max fragment count if we've already placed an i

  • xAlexRoyxxAlexRoyx Posts: 13 ✭✭
    edited May 22 #2722 May, 2020, 03:28 pm.

    Soy de México y mi sección de noticias aparece así

    La resolución en mi país se llevará a cabo en el mismo periodo de tiempo??

    Gracias y saludos desde México..

  • xAlexRoyxxAlexRoyx Posts: 13 ✭✭
    edited May 22 #2822 May, 2020, 03:28 pm.

    Se me hace raro que en mi app aún no aparezca esa noticia .

  • ElaeusElaeus Posts: 12 ✭✭
    #2922 May, 2020, 06:51 pm.

    Thank you a lot for your effort in fixing this issue. I will wait for the return of the foundables as I have still not retrieved them back.

  • DaniSachettiDaniSachetti Posts: 3 ✭✭
    #3022 May, 2020, 09:57 pm.


    not in my game either 🥺

  • thetwinangelathetwinangela Posts: 1
    #3122 May, 2020, 10:47 pm.

    Will fragments be recovered for those of us who prestiged our pages before the 2.13 update?

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