Is there a way to request a fortress, greenhouse or an inn to be added?

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So far through the app settings I have only been able to request a remouval of inn, greenhouse or fortress. Not too add... Anyone know anything about this?



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    You could join Ingress and reach out to their community and ask for help submitting some Portals (which become Inn/Greenhouse/Fort in HP:WU). You would need to get to Agent level 10 to submit them yourself which would require some travelling OR reach level 40 in Pokemon go and submit pokestop request. it will become inns /greenhouse/fotress in WU

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    At the moment NEW PORTALS in Ingress are NOT becoming INN/Greenhouse in WU. I just got FOUR new portals here. Three of them are now online in POGO but sadly no update here in WU

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    Hear you go people. Try this one.

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    @Moteck aside from responding to a 2 year old thread, you replied with something that doesn't help the original request.

    There is currently no way to add new POIs to the game from within the WU app itself. Maybe that will be introduced later, but for now you need a high level Ingress or Pokémon Go player to do it, and then you have to wait until WU syncs with the Wayfarer data.

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