Portkey changing after unlocking

BamBaLamBetiBamBaLamBeti Posts: 3
in Report a Bug #1 latest comment 17 June, 2020, 12:16 pm.

My 2.5km portkey turned into a 1km after I walked off the distance and unlocked it. This is at least the second time recently that I have noticed this happening.

After unlocking the 2.5km I noticed that instead of a kettle it showed a picture of a boot, I thought that might be a glich but when I opened it it was a 1km portkey.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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  • BamBaLamBetiBamBaLamBeti Posts: 3
    #230 May, 2020, 11:37 am.

    I just had the same situation happen again!

    Yesterday I picked up a Precious Portkey 2.5km and after walking it off and unlocking it it changed to Prized 1km Portkey.

    This is at least the 4th time I have noticed this happen in the past few weeks...

  • EffaEffa Posts: 7 ✭✭
    #330 May, 2020, 11:59 am.

    have seen the same where a 10km turns in to the boot instead of the football. However it worked like a 10km portkey. The only downside being that it makes it hard to keep only the precious once for a Barouffios elexir run.

  • LycindelleLycindelle Posts: 129 ✭✭
    #430 May, 2020, 12:07 pm.

    @Effa As long as you don't touch any wrackspurts you should able to back out again and collect rewards later.

    So you can't see it on first look, but at least this way you are able to sort out the precious ones.

  • BamBaLamBetiBamBaLamBeti Posts: 3
    #530 May, 2020, 05:23 pm.

    It's not a Precious Portkey when you eneter it though, it's the regular Prized Portkey.

    That's why it's an annoying bug, you walk the distance for and get small rewards.

  • HPWUblueHPWUblue Posts: 411 mod
    #601 June, 2020, 09:05 am.

    Hi @BamBaLamBeti, thanks for reaching out. We're aware of this visual glitch, and our team is investigating it. As @Effa stated, though it may cause some confusion, you should still receive the relevant rewards irrespective of the glitch. We apologize for this inconvenience.

  • StinkypinksStinkypinks Posts: 1
    #717 June, 2020, 12:16 pm.

    I’ve had 4 seperate occasions where I’ve walked off either silver or gold portmanteaus and they open up as 1k portkeys. I’m getting really fed up with this as I’m using the silver keys to walk them off so these are being wasted and I’m not getting the higher value rewards for them

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