Approved Wayspots don’t appear on HPWU map

kizilkizil Posts: 4 ✭✭
in Report a Bug #1 latest comment 08 June, 2020, 09:11 pm.

Approved Wayspots appeared on Ingress and PoGo maps more than 2 weeks already, but still no progress for HPWU map. I’m aware of cells rule and It’s not the reason of problem, be sure - other players said they have the same problem.

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  • cosk62cosk62 Posts: 27 ✭✭
    #228 May, 2020, 08:37 pm.

    Note that I reported the same issue on the Wayfarer forum. Not sure if this is an HPWU issue or a Wayfarer issue. See

  • ArabellaArdeliaArabellaArdelia Posts: 3
    edited May 28 #328 May, 2020, 09:37 pm.

    More evidence it's not just cell placement - several people in the Wayfarer Forum thread @cosk62 linked have reported that their edits didn't sync either. I can understand a new POI being poorly placed, but I would think that anything that shows up in multiple games that use Niantic's POI database should have the same name/description/location in all games. It's been over a month since any new POI's showed up - you'll see in that thread people have reported things syncing around April 25th but nothing after that.

  • NeedmorefocusNeedmorefocus Posts: 1
    #428 May, 2020, 11:02 pm.

    Anyway that any of the mods can look in to this? @HPWUrobert , please see post by Cosk on Wayfarer

  • cosk62cosk62 Posts: 27 ✭✭
    #529 May, 2020, 03:48 pm.

    NianticCasey acknowledged the issue yesterday.

    Hi folks,

    Apologies for the delay in replying to this issue but I've been working with the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite team to determine what could be going on. Dropping in to say that I hear you on this and that we're looking into what could be causing this behavior.

    One last caveat, it's true that not every Wayspot will be added to every game, so I can't promise that every approved Wayspot will move over, but it does look like there's some errant behavior at play here.

  • hpwulolahpwulola Posts: 797 admin
    #602 June, 2020, 11:37 pm.

    Hi, I chatted with Casey and it seems that they did discover the issue here and are planning for a fix in a future release. If I hear an update on this situation, I'll be sure to share it here but please stay tuned on the Wayfarer forum as well.

    Thanks for starting this thread and alerting us of this!

  • hpwulolahpwulola Posts: 797 admin
    #705 June, 2020, 07:58 pm.

    Hi! This issue should be resolved now.

  • VivianSVivianS Posts: 3
    #808 June, 2020, 09:11 pm.

    Inns are still missing sometimes. In the attached picture, you can see that an inn in Batavia, IL which has been in the game since the start of the game, was not showing on the screen. I restarted the game, then the inn appears. There is still something not quite right about the inns. The picture on the left shows the inn by the triangle intersection. The picture on the right shows the inn is missing. Picture taken 6/7/2020.

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