May community day was so much fun! Thanks!

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So my friends and I gathered up on Discord voice chat and went about finding each other on the servers and then played for about 5 hours total (obviously took some breaks in there)! We got to chat with each other which we haven’t done since forever, it seems, and also got to play the way we used to! “I need a confusion hex on this Erkling”, “someone come out and revive me”, “can you throw a defence shield on me”, “I need focus to throw up the elite charm”, etc. I missed my buddies and being able to collaborate on fortresses! Plus the friend bonus was great too! We were all getting a little over 3050 CXP for each battle.

These images below show my red book and XP total before and after CD!

By the way, I know that some

people had a tougher time of things either due to glitches or not being high enough levels, I am so sorry for that! In our case, there were no glitches and we are all over level 45 so things went quite smoothly!

Thanks so much @hpwulola !!!

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