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    i hear ya, @SparkingPaces

    it’s amazing how many players of the same profession will flock together, whether in dark5 or elsewhere. i have, infrequently, tried staying on in AAAMP configured teams for dark5, but with mixed success. yes the focus gets passed around early and often, but it still will be ugly if the foes are not heavy in dark wizards and death eaters ... someone will be hurting. i won’t stay to join AMMMP or AMPPP, yet i do encounter clumps of AAA or MMM and PP (where I would be third P if i stay) with high frequency before i leave the lobby to try again elsewhere

    i prefer AAMMP and AAMPP configurations to AMMPP, mainly because a single A is not able to pass around enough focus early on and the Ps and Ms have to go a few rounds without more help (or else chug strong invigorations) before getting enough focus from the early defeated foes

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