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As an Auror I could use some constrictive feedback from Professors and Magizoologists.

At the start of a fortress battle, how much energy should we be transferring to you to assist with gaining your buffs?

The buffs make a huge difference to our damage output and the shield is noticeable in our staying power in the fight.

I want to make sure we are assisting in receiving buffs while still having energy to hex opponents.

Thank you for the input.

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    there is a post to this but i dont know to make link here but,

    i think professor buff is needed the first to cast, its proficiency charm i believe: need 7 focus ( dont know professor initial focus is)

    magizoo is second to give for bravery charm: also need 7 focus

    others charm is optional (shield, heal and revive) depend on the teammates wether they are weak (easy to faint) or not

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    @Kodokmag I disagree. In a dark chamber, shield the aurors before you go anywhere near proficiency. Depending on the board, of course. Aurors are really fragile and go down like flies. It makes it easier for everyone if they can stay alive a little longer.

    @Crogabattoir The shield is not like proficiency - we cast it on individuals, not on the team. It costs 3 focus for each shield. I suggest that if you want a professor's help, you send 3 focus straight over at the beginning of the battle. This will either give them 7 focus for proficiency, or give them enough for 2 shields (3 focus each).

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    @Magpie31 is bang on

    Too many Aurors don’t pass focus. They must! Likewise Professors must shield Aurors immediately then Magizoologists before doing anything else

    As a Professor I am fed up with Aurors nerfing opponents as their first action the dying almost immediately

    And Magizoologist who don’t engage Erklings and Acromantulas need to learn how to play, especially those who don’t resurrect Aurors and Prifessors

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    thats the pro @Magpie31 @OriginalCaruso @Punkyfins advice. heed them

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    @Magpie31 @OriginalCaruso I beg to differ, though I appreciate your insights. The issue here is shielding over healing. Upon reflection I think there is a stronger argument for healing over shielding, at least from a Professor's perspective. There are way more options for healing than shielding. As a professor, my job is to increase the output for my team as whole. I do this with the Proficiency charm and the DHex. Magi will provide healing and reviving. Aurors are the heavy hitters.

    Here is what I would like to see in a battle:

    1. 1x Professor casts Proficiency Charm, any other profs can DHex the field
    2. Aurors spam as many foes as they can with weakness and confusion hexes. Share spare focus with magi after every defeated foe.
    3. Magi primary focus is to increase teammate stamina and revive as necessary.
    4. Imho, all spare focus should go to Magi to support his abilities.

    Proficiency Charm, Dhex, weakness and confusion hexes together on the same foe is ideal in all situations. Professor's protection charm should be used sparingly as well a Magi's bravery charm. As these are so focus-heavy to use, consider them icing on the cake if either have the focus to spare. As for Aurors, healing potions were especially made for you. Healing potions and Potent Exstimulo are your best friends. Let your team take care of the rest while you dish out the dps.

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    Yes. I've tried both - in random chambers - with varying results.* I think as far as @Crogabattoir is concerned: the answer of how much focus to pass is still: ideally until proficiency is cast. The style is rather up to the professor.

    (Tangientially I agree that either shield-first or proficiency-first depends on circumstances or preference. Either is a boon to the team. But I'm not convinced about the det-hex.)

    *my anecdotal conclusions are: proficiency first in lower chambers, shield first in the higher. Well. As long as your teammates are random, and you have no information. With CD, as it was a very mixed bag, I've opted for my less-favoured proficiency first more broadly. As it favours the team over the individual, and there is no way of knowing the quality -for lack of a better word- of the Auror you're shielding. Under more normal circumstances, it's a fairly safe bet Aurors in Dark chambers know what they're about.

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    I’m sticking with shielding Aurors first. I don’t bother shielding myself or other Profs as the Magi only uses 1 to resurrect

    Need the glass cannons (Aurors) shielded before anything otherwise they continually die detracting from the Magi engaging enemies

    At some point Proficiency gets cast but it’s not my first thought

    Edit - Unsafe assumption to make that Aurors in Dark chambers know what they are doing - some do, some dont, I seen to encounter those who don’t...

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    Thank you all for the insight, though I stand by my perspective. Two things are being undervalued here;

    1. The effectiveness of combining Proficiency charm with DHex, Weakness and Confusion hexes on the same foe
    2. the role and effectiveness of healing potions for Aurors with support from Magis

    In the following image of a pair of Dark chambers I engaged during the event, only one Auror was boosted with the protection charm as he/she was engaging an elite deatheater towards the end of the battle. With two professors, the lone magi got boosted too. Notice how much time is left on the clock.

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    So you just want aurors to go through their potions all the time? And for magis to constantly ignore their foes and waste their focus by resurrecting aurors?

    It makes no sense to me.

    I don't mind proficiency or shields first, but have my personal preference, but strange.

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    Thank you everyone. This has been very insightful. I want to be the best teammate I can be in fortress battles. As I haven't played either of the other professions, I wanted to gain a better understanding of how to best support. Expect 3 focus from me from here on at the start of battles and then more as I get it.

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    @ZookiTabooki respectfully, I disagree. I’m a maxed professor, and nearly maxed auror. Expecting aurors to drain their potions, and magis to constantly revive and heal, sounds very convenient for a professor. You can actually get through D5 just as fast, and sometimes faster without ANY potions. The potions are there as back up in case the foes are a bad hand. The det hex is the icing on the cake in the second half when focus is more plentiful.

    When you say your job as professor is to maximize output of your team, I find that interesting. I think my job is to enhance strengths AND protect. Profs are the well-balanced middle profession. And you’re ignoring a whole half of your job, imho.

    Also, expecting the MZ to constantly revive and heal? That’s not maximizing their output either. With shields up, they revive a couple times, otherwise they’re full steam ahead taking on their beasts.

    For your viewing pleasure:


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    @Crogabattoir in the case of 3 initial focus: pass two and more as you acquire them. In the case of four: pass 3 (and more as you acquire them). Depending on the situation it is fine to save enough for a confusion or weakening hex, just in case.

    More experienced Aurors will, hopefully, correct me if I'm wrong. :)

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    I’m a Lvl 14 Auror (one more lesson left!!!!). From my experience, whenever I pass my focus to professors, some of them are not proficient enough to know what to do with them. That makes it really hard to go into battles in the dark forest chambers. My recommendation will be for an alert to appear to the professors when they have received enough focus, they can use to Shield us. Shield us first, then proficiency. I would appreciate that..

    if you want to add me, you can at 9879 5280 6504 to do battles and receive gifts...

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    @KevosA I'd go further than that. I'd want to know (approximately) what a player's profession level is in the lobby. That's no guarantee that they know what they're doing. But it would at least give me more information to be able to help effectively. Secondly I would support knowing which teammate is casting. That way you'll know which prof is shielding (in your case) or which Auror is passing focus (in my case). Put together it would give a wealth of information to be able to effectively support our team.

    Edited: the decision about whether circumstances merit a shields-first or a proficiency-first approach is at the discretion of the professor. Even if you disagree. However I understand from my Friendly Local Auror that profs don't always follow through: and that he'd -in his words- would slam the prof who shields him with focus as, his words, at least (s)he clearly knows what (s)he's on about! ;)

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    There is a reason healing potions are so cheap to make. A professor is weak offensively and uses more potent exstimulos when dealing with the same foes Aurors are. Magis don't need to worry about professors as we generally have a solid tank thanks to enhancements we apply to ourselves, namely Baruffio and TTD beforehand. To think that profs don't carry their weight because they may not prioritize protection charms on Aurors may be a bit shortsighted.

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    And as a short P.S. @Crogabattoir and others: a lot of info and opinions can be found here :)

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    You’re using more potions, which are not so cheap, to get your enhancements? And still ignoring your protecting roll in the team. That’s an expensive way to play when the professions are actually built to fill each others gaps. But I see you’re firm in your opinion. So enjoy playing your way.

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    I find it depends on the fortress level. This is my take on a professor’s role:

    Anything up to Forest V = proficiency first, shield second, det hex anything left over. Unless there’s another professor who beats me to proficiency first.

    Dark I and above = shield first, proficiency second, det hex anything left over.

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    I’m simply expressing the truth as I see it, as I know it. It doesn’t invalidate what anyone else has to offer. It’s one perspective among many, though clearly not a popular one. Can what I believe today change tomorrow? Yes. Much like the quantum world of subatomic particles, the truth is both fluid and finite simultaneously, and it’s always changing. This wizard is open to learning, growing, becoming. With more data and personal experience, perhaps I will grow beyond my current belief; but until then I stand with Professors against the tyranny of Aurors. I have spoken. So be it.

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    We still love you @ZookiTabooki! 🥰

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    Please pass focus. On lower levels it doesn't seem to matter as much, but on higher levels as a Magizoo it's difficult to keep everyone healed unless there are multiple Magi. And if there's an Elite enemy, doing the Bravery charm is 7 focus, which we can only do AND keep battling effectively if we have 12 focus (we weaken when we attack foes with less than 5 focus).

    I'd much rather heal people than them have to use potions (although in my experience I see a lot more people getting knocked out than using their potions :( ). At least when people get knocked out it's only 1 focus to revive to full hit points, whereas it's 2 focus to heal them 30% of their stamina during battles.

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    @ZookiTabooki , I'm a fairly high level MZ (level 13), but have only been playing team challenges since the Knight Bus came along, so I'm learning, too. Part of my issue is that I don't know exactly how the spells for the other professions work. My question this time, though, is in your picture you point out that only one Auror was boosted by the protection charm. How do the images you posted show that? How do you know which charms are in play?

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    @VoiceMaster Green boxes denote charms in use while hexes in use are shown under a players/foes Stamina bar when a foe is engaged. Observation has shown me the first box is reserved for the Proficiency charm and will light up for the whole team. When this charm isn't used, the first box remains empty. If the bravery charm is used, the second box will light across the team. When you see a third box lit up, the protection charm has been applied individually to the affected player(s). If bravery isn't used, the protection charm will occupy the second box for affected players. When the bravery charm is used, it occupies the second box across the team and all other charms are pushed over to subsequent boxes. I perceive this as being listed by order of importance. Ahem.

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    @VoiceMaster The boxes show charms cast by individual players. @ZookiTabooki has noticed that the first box lights up when he uses proficiency, but that is because he doesn't use shields. That first, larger box indicates charms that you are casting, then the other boxes represent the other players. If a professor casts both shield and proficiency, only one box lights up. One box per player.

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    Well that’s not confusing at all :)

    The approach needs revamping

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