The 4/4 Dark Chambers is impossible to do if you are not level 40 or above

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in Community Day #1 latest comment 24 June, 2020, 09:05 pm.

Niantic should not make tasks for community day that are impossible for all levels to do. The idea of community is that all should be able to the tasks. After that a challenge for higher level players could be added.



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    #216 May, 2020, 04:27 pm.

    Not every challenge should be achievable by everyone otherwise there is no challenge

    However, you may be fortunate in finding a good team who will carry you through all fortresses, the key is to not exit a tower between sessions but to stay in the same tower and skip between chambers

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    Totally agree with @OriginalCaruso

    It’s not as if they made the dark chambers a pre-requisite to further rewards. Each stage was more difficult, and if you’re a newer player who couldn’t complete 4/4, oh well. Just do as much as you can, and you’ll be able to do more next time around.

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    I've never had such trouble completing a CD here or in PoGo. Sometimes I don't get to finish or get as much out of it because I'm too busy to . But today I doubt I will finish because I ran out of potions to get through the final Dark Chamber.

  • GrumkinGrumkin Posts: 30 ✭✭
    #517 May, 2020, 12:58 am.

    @TheShortOne3 I thought I had a pretty good stockpile of potions too. 4/4 really took a toll on my supply! Next time I’ll be better prepared!

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    Also... I’d add I’m only level 36 and was able complete 4/4 with little issue. I burnt thru most my potions, but still managed. It’s more to do with being high level proficiency rather than overall level.

    I’m Prof 14. Technically Dark V is slightly above me, but I still managed by supporting the team effort.

  • FinnestraFinnestra Posts: 2
    #817 May, 2020, 07:56 am.

    It has less to do with your wizarding level and more to do with how far you’ve progressed in your profession skill tree. I’m a level 14 (with two more lessons to go), and I’ve played since day 1. I had no trouble getting through all the levels, but I also got lucky with the teams I was grouped up with. I enjoyed the difficulty of the Dark chambers, and got all kinds of challenge XP! But I can see how this would have been frustrating for newer players.

  • BaaynorBaaynor Posts: 2 ✭✭
    #905 June, 2020, 08:06 am.

    Personally, I have to agree that some of the challenges make it almost impossible to complete for players of ALL levels. I'm a lvl 34 Auror at level 14 for Wizarding Challenges. That meansmeans Dark Chamber III and IV are my top lvl and for this event I have to complete them.

    I've tried with 2 groups where other players failed so even after losing a ton of potions and taking out 6 of the challengers, I still lost because we ran out of time. I even tried it alone, but the chamber required me defeating 9 challengers alone–and none of them were suited to a Auror. They were ALL were Beasts and Oddities that took a third of my health per hit and I did so much less damage that it took every potion I had to stay alive until I ran out mid challenge.

    Normally, I really enjoy the groups in the Wizarding Challenges, but it seems that the higher these go, the harder it is to get groups that understand them or can complete them. Making this a requirement seems wrong. I guess I won't be earning the badge for completing this final challenge.

  • DadDeDavDadDeDav Posts: 46 ✭✭
    #1005 June, 2020, 09:13 am.

    As a maxed prof and just missing 1 skill as auror, I can say that Dark-5 is no problem even with one under-levelled player and no potion use at all. There are just two basic imperatives :

    • make sure there is at least 1 of each profession in the chamber
    • if you are under-levelled, make sure that you are not the only player of your profession in the chamber !

    You just need to pop into and out of the lobby enough to meet those conditions before joining and it should be fine. Obviously once in the challenge, basic good practice applies :

    • stick to on proficiency foes, always weakest first, be ready to wait if none (except maybe first-strike and at end if unbalanced foes)
    • professors should only use det hex after proficiency and all five protection charms are up
    • aurors should pass 3 focus to a prof at start (and 3-4 more as battle progresses, plus 1-2 to magizoo when bravery goes up)
    • aurors should confuse 4+ Erklings, werewolves, darks wizards (in that order), then weaken 5 Werewolves, Death Eaters and Spiders
    • Ignore elites until bravery is cast
    • magizoos should revive not heal others (though can heal self), and should cast bravery when hit 10-11 focus

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    @DadDeDav Only one problem with your strategy, though I am not sure if I am the only one experiencing it. When I play magi, my focus often depletes without me casting a charm - I will have 10 focus, then it suddenly goes to 9. And a foe will be defeated and it shows the focus coming to my focus bar but it is never credited. This means that I can cast bravery when I hit 11.... But be left with 2 focus!

    So yeah, I only cast bravery when I hit 12, because there is no guarantee I will get the next piece of focus or it won't cost me extra focus.

  • Hopper314Hopper314 Posts: 1 ✭✭
    #1224 June, 2020, 09:05 pm.

    ITS ALL ABOUT TEAMWORK! I am level 32 and did dark chamber 4 with 5 others mostly level low 30s. You have to not be greedy use a level 1 ruin stone. 2 aurors, 2 profs. one all important MagiZoo. Work together, professors do the wolves and pixies, aurors all the wizards, spiders share the erklings. One professor hang back for aurors to give focus energy so you can cast proficiency for teammates and impare foes for teammates and yourself. Aurors go crazy and zoo-guy hang back to revive...Professors join in final push!!

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