Everything you wanted to know about Wizards Challenges (But were afraid to ask!)



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    #6202 April, 2021, 10:06 pm.

    Hear ya, @WitchHiker. If there was an easy way to choose your teammates, I'd be with you as a mag or prof.

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    there are also suicidal player LoL.

    recently got plenty of them fighting NOT their foes eventhough they have maxed profesion score.

    once i have a team battle that 3 of them faint at the same time after i come out from fighting a foe.

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    #6403 April, 2021, 10:41 am.

    @Kodokmag I have the same experience with people not choosing their 'foes' during the first encounter.

    I am a magizoologist. If there are elites right at the start, I use Invigoration Draught to have enough focus to put out the Bravery Charm. I would appreciate it if a non-magizoologist leave an erkling or acromantula for me to fight since my focus will be very low. (I don't worry about having 5 focus as long as I don't need to fight a curiosity.) After the first foe, it is more difficult to decide which one to fight next when there is no beast for me to choose but there will be enough focus for it to matter.

    I use 2 focus to give stamina to others once I get more than 5 focus but to only one or two in between battles. I am not in favor of leaving my foe in the midst of battle unless a bug/network problem made me leave (which has happened).

    I prefer to use healing potion(s) to supplement my stamina and use my focus to help others. I have to use a lot of Potent Exstimulo Potions for Dark 5 battles even with 4 other teammates.

    During the last 2 Dark Chamber battles, the professor(s) did not use the proficiency charm that required 7 focus but we completed the battles without it. I believe that it's more useful for everyone to have the proficiency charm.

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    @Djea Agree. I’m an Aurora and most times a MZ or Prof take the dark wizards leaving me with spiders, werewolves & Erklings.

    It’s a rare experience anymore in a fortress when each profession takes their own foes.

    I haven’t seen a Prof use a proficiency charm in months (many months).

    Today I had a MZ just sit and watch while I was knocked out. I know they had focus because I kept giving it to them prior.

    Never revived me!

    Are these players that clueless that they’re stronger against these and weaker against

    DE and DW? And missed the memo on how to play?

    @HPWUTeam @hpwulola Here’s an idea, monitor fortress challenges and reward “gold” to players who actively participate, participate the way the professions dictate!!

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    Auror PSA

    weaken spiders ( broken wand)

    Please please please please don't waste the focus by confusing or dizzying spiders.

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    #6713 April, 2021, 12:06 pm.

    PSA for all new aurors

    Please do not use bat bogey 1st on any foes.

    Bat bogey hits for 4 stamina points and the bat bogey negatives 1st strike.

    This photo shows how effective 1st is no potions with proficiency cast.

    So do you want a 4 stamina pt hit or a 758 stamina pt hit?!

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    #6813 April, 2021, 06:25 pm.


    See notes on bat bogey

    Weaken 5 star spiders

    Professors Proficiency please

    Magizologist please peek and revive us

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    #6913 April, 2021, 07:43 pm.

    Thanks @Owlx Essential reading for all.

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    As magizoo i usually go for spider first before erkling, erkling is very easy to ki ll indeed but it is very very very depend on auror to cast confussion on it.

    And recent players looks like just "brute force" everything on the table regardless of foe.

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    Hex this not that

    Time stamp 5:03

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