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    #18217 May, 2020, 10:41 am.

    My 2 cents:

    This CD was a bit of a mixed bag for me. I made it: but in all honesty i could have managed to do that solo. I actually liked the idea that by playing in groups, somewhere a level 10 Auror or Magi's experience would be made easier by strategic group play, and by my buffs. On the whole I was very impressed by how proper teamwork was rewarded. I daresay (but this is guesswork) that quite a few players who, strictly speaking, lacked the requisite profession levels managed to at least complete the third task (up to Dark I) because they read up, did their homework and executed the proper teamwork. And that is pretty darn cool!

    My biggest bugbear was not the inexperience of other players. (Not passing focus, or casting det-hex first, for example). Or high level players so used to solo-play they didn't work together at all. Slightly irritating, and burns through time and resources, but can be easily put down to plain old inexperience at group play. My *biggest* bugbear was the lobby. You have a balanced enough team, and at the last two seconds people bail (or are booted, perhaps?): and I end up with one other professor, for instance, burning through SE and potions, if we can even make it.

    Also, to be able to be most helpful, I really wish we had an indication of profession level *and* a better indication of who has cast which spell. It got a little hard to be at your best if you do not know which player might be vulnerable. Example: in AAMPP, the magi may very well need a shield first. But without any insight into profession levels: the first shields will go to the Aurors, and oftentimes subsequently proficiency is cast. Leaving the Magi vulnerable.

    All in all, a huge thank you for every team-player out there. Your focus, charms and hexes are what made this a good experience!

  • PunkyfinsPunkyfins Posts: 202 ✭✭✭
    #18317 May, 2020, 11:12 am.

    Heh. Board seems to have eaten my post. @hpwulola is it recoverable? If not no worries. I'll either re-write the whole thing or leave it as is. 😊

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    #18417 May, 2020, 01:04 pm.


    Used invigor potion right away so i could cast my team charm to support prof enhancement bonus. Just, i don't like repeatedly jump out to battle lobby mid battle to check teammate health. Loading time+animation time is eat too much time for me (my phone).

    That's 2 mistakes right there:

    1) Don't waste your invigoration like that. Any good professor would know how to have the two-enhancement-bonus active upon entering a challenging chamber (TTD and Baruffio do the trick just fine).

    2) Don't jump out of fights with your designated foe type like.. ever. Ppl should look out for themselves and have health potions ready anyway. On my first hit taken i calculate how much damage I'm getting every time and when I'm down to being only able to take two or three more hits, I use a pot assuming the magizoos are busy or out of focus. Really, healing is for between foes.

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    #18517 May, 2020, 02:40 pm.

    @Masika0815 thanks for the advise. And they say dawdle potion give more "permanent" effect as fortress battle doesnt count as map traces.

    On low-mod chamber challenge i dont usually use invigor potion, only cast it after first round foe.

    And i dont jump out mid fight, but very often after killed a foe and back to battle lobby finding teammate(s) got knocked out, makes me wonder are they just depend on magiz healing.

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    #18717 May, 2020, 03:25 pm.

    There was a previous community day focused on fortress battles, in November. And they did have a set of tasks to complete, but the highest level required was Forest V, so it was more reasonable for many people to complete it solo if needed.

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    #18817 May, 2020, 09:40 pm.

    I am maxed prof and found the CD great fun - I did fortresses whenever I had a moment to spare throughout the day.

    Yes, there were clearly people in chambers way beyond their experience/level, but if you made sure you didn't get into a chamber without at least 1 of each profession, and you dropped out of any lobby which had players who had tapped join while the team was still unbalanced (sure sign of not knowing what they were doing - never hit join unless the team looks ok!), the vast majority of fights even up to dark-5 could be cleared without potions and in time unless there were 2+ passengers, and even then it was not a lost cause...

    Apart from a Dawdle draft quaffed at the start of the day once my dailies were completed, I hardly touched any potions (maybe 1-2 heals, and a potent used 'cos an emergency appeared on the map between fights which therefore had charges left over).

    Sorry so many others were frustrated !

  • ClairabusGryffClairabusGryff Posts: 988 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #18918 May, 2020, 02:23 am.

    Oh @CBG92 i saw you in the fortress and we slayed everything which was awesome!! So grateful I got to play with you friend!

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    #19018 May, 2020, 03:45 am.

    I am an Auror, with a Professor partner. We hit Dark Level 5 regularly, for wand hunts. We went in our isolation-mobile to a local fortress for the CD. After doing the challenges, we went the Knight Bus route to help other players.

    For two people, there are good combinations of runestones that give more humanoids and less spiders. Red and green together, turquoise and pink. Try combinations with friends to see what works for you and your professions.

    The Knight Bus needs a cut-off of 30 seconds for players who lurk so long, and leave, keeping other players out, and burning my Baruffio potion.

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    #19118 May, 2020, 07:18 pm.

    I believe Niantic cater towards the newer, less experienced players. Have you ever seen a community day or series of quests that somebody is unable to complete except for not having time or some reason that they are unable to play.

    Hi hum, yes it gets boring for more experienced players but we have come to expect that so we make the best of it for what it is.

    I was left surprised at the quests for this community day that either players couldn't complete the task because they are low level or that higher level players would have to carry them.

    We all know that level 6 that is after a group so they can do Dark V don't we? I sure as heck do and am now at a loss for how to deal with that so I have excluded myself from local groups.

    The game truly needs to be set that you can only do chambers of an appropriate profession level.

    The CD tasks could be along the lines of xxx Challenge XP, xxx Dark Wizards, Defeat xxx foes similar to what we faced in the SOS tasks. Before you **** I will add a requirement for example defeat 10 formidable death eaters apply to death eaters at formidable or above.

    I also quite like the idea of breaking tasks required by player level although realise that would probably be programming he'll.

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    edited May 2020 #19218 May, 2020, 10:57 pm.

    Is the nice bundle for us who were exiled from bus travel this weekend? Thanks Niantic! I would have loved to have played but the basket of spell books was a nice ‘sorry’ gift.

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    #19318 August, 2020, 11:59 am.

    Do you remember when scrolls were a valuable commodity? I noticed early that Oddity pages completed gave 5 scrolls rather than 4 scrolls given for other Families. I gave priority to Oddity returnables.

    Then, there seemed to be a runestone shortage. The gifts from friends helped that problem greatly. We were able to work through challenge levels to earn books.

    The Community Days are great for collecting rare collectibles, and are the only source for the restricted section books.

    I understand the reason behind the recalculations for awarding runestones for placing images and presenting pages. This leads to more challenge points and therefore books.

    It's time, Niantic, to let us spend our scrolls and books. The only forward progress available is Wizardind Level. Please give us a timeline, or at least take down that line about further lessons "Coming Soon". I want to strengthen my Bat Bogey Hex, pick up a few more hit points, and have more f

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    #19421 August, 2020, 03:29 pm.

    CD guaranteed fragments was most fun :)

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