May Community Day



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    #15217 May, 2020, 02:50 am.

    @SUNDERLION What are you talking about?

    #15317 May, 2020, 02:56 am.

    The spellbooks... I think there would be a really rewarding spellbooks freom doing fortress but no, only if yoy upgrade the álbums...

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    @LionessMolly no worries, it’s all good! I’m glad you enjoyed community day and had some good group fortressing experience!

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    @SUNDERLION You get Spell Books from some events, such as this one, as rewards for completing tasks. However, that hasn’t always been the case. The main source of Spell Books has always been by raising your Challenge Level, which you do by winning Challenge XP in fortress battles and by placing foundables in the Challenge Family registry. To do this, you have to have Fortress Battle victories. So go, battle and earn Spell Books.

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    Not sure what happened to my post. I don’t think there was anything objectionable in it. I may have accidentally erased it while editing it.

    In any event, since I can’t remember it all, here’s an abbreviated version in case it’s gone forever...

    @Craeft Or they could finish what they can and call it a day. Early in this thread, hpwulola said “The Community Day tasks are challenging, but we do break it off into pages so each player can complete the tasks they are able to and be rewarded accordingly.” Nowhere does it say that everyone must finish every task, and in fact it says specifically to finish the “tasks they are able to.” If they are forcing others to use their own resources to carry them to a victory which they didn’t earn, then they are not being “rewarded accordingly.” They are being rewarded for someone else’s effort. Personally, I wouldn’t want the rewards unless I actually earned them myself. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    #15717 May, 2020, 03:16 am.

    @CeruleanGirl Ohhhhh thank you, anyway, that's the point, hahahahahaha I'm already on a good level of all the pages and foundable, but it was my mistake to think of it as such, cuz i want more 🤣👉️👈️. I returned to the game about 15 days ago and I have been enjoying it with the improvements of "Stay at home"

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    @LionessMolly Good to hear about your experience. I honestly though my wife and I would end up at a local fortress nearby as I was more confident we could clear those dark chambers together, rather than take a chance with questionable allies. We were low on potions and were concerned about finding a good group. As it turns out we decided to take a chance and completed the event from the Castle. I also learned something; with the right team, dark chambers are a lot easier to handle than going at it solo.

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    #15917 May, 2020, 04:02 am.

    @SUNDERLION Ah, I see! Yes there have been a lot of changes, especially recently! I think they’ve done a pretty good job of listening to feedback and also in adjusting to Stay-at-home play.

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    @CeruleanGirl if they want the final rewards, yes... They have to finish ALL of it.

    How about, instead, understanding and helping them out?

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    #16117 May, 2020, 04:29 am.

    @Craeft You are missing my point. Just because they want it doesn’t necessarily mean they should get it. Of course everyone wants the rewards. If they want to be carried to a victory they haven’t earned, that’s their choice, but they are not giving a choice to the ones who are doing the carrying. If there were no repercussions to the players they are piggybacking on, it wouldn’t be a problem, but those players are using more potions and spell energy than they should have to use, and, in some cases, losing the battle and their Runestones as well. Do you really not see how unfair that is?

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    #16217 May, 2020, 04:46 am.

    On a different note... For this event, when I was in the Dark chambers in particular, if there were no Dark Wizards or Death Eaters at a given moment (I’m an Auror,) I would go into battle with a pixie or a werewolf and hit it a couple of times, then back out to check for my chosen foes. If one had appeared, I would take them on and leave the one I had just left to a professor. But I started to worry about something. If I leave a foe after hitting it, and someone else then battles them, do they get the first hit or does the enemy? I am just hoping I didn’t inadvertently set up some of my teammates to take the first blow. Has anyone done this or does anyone know?

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    @CeruleanGirl I'm pretty sure every time I picked up for a teammate, I took the first blow. I'm guessing it takes up where it was last when engaged, our teammate leaving right after he/she casts their spell, inadvertently setting up the incoming blow.

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    @ZookiTabooki That’s what I was afraid of. Thanks for the feedback!

    Sorry if I put anyone in that position.

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    @CeruleanGirl Again... Blame hpwu for the format. Not the players who want to complete the tasks. Maybe they don't mean to piggy back but they have no choice. It's not their fault it was set up this way. It's possible you need to stop looking at it as all about you and try to understand the situation. Just saying.

    But I'm the type who believes in fighting for the little guy... even and especially in real life.

    You say something they haven't earned... What if they haven't had time to "earn" it and started the game recently? They don't deserve to play the events to their fullest?

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    @LionessMolly I'm glad to hear everything worked out well for you and that you had fun. I also completed the tasks at a local fortress with a (socially distant) group of friends. Everything went smoothly for us and we enjoyed the event as well.

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    I was not able to play the event because the ‘Knight bus’ was unresponsive.

    How can we play in the fortress at home if it is unresponsive?

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    #16917 May, 2020, 07:26 am.

    @Craeft I didn’t personally have a problem actually. So I am not looking at it as all about myself. I did end up carrying folks a couple of times but it wasn’t an issue for me. I feel bad for all of the players who lost resources and had their fortress battles become less enjoyable because of players who shouldn’t have been in them.

    The reason I blame the players and not the game is because there is no reason for anyone to just assume that they are going to finish every event. These are extras. They are not vital to the normal flow of the game. That’s the way a lot of games work. Newer players miss out on some stuff that older players are able to do because they have been playing longer. Why shouldn’t players who have put more time, effort, and in many cases money into a game reap rewards that newer players might not?

    And yes they absolutely knew that they were piggybacking on other players. Anyone who doesn’t have at least that much knowledge of how these battles work has even more reason that they shouldn’t be joining battles in Dark V.

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    #17017 May, 2020, 07:27 am.

    Just to give my 2cent on this.

    I think the idea of the CD was good BUT we lacked the proper tools to enjoy it to its fullest.

    1- I, like many others here, had some headache when doing the challenges, due to too many inexperient/lower levels in a room resulting in a slog, difficult chamber.

    2- Had to quit a chamber at the start due to 2 people dropping out at the last second and 3 people remaining to beat 22 foes in a dark chamber 3. Bug? Disconnection? Dissatisfaction with party composition? Trolling? I will never know, but it's not good if 4/5 press ready, then when the 5th members presses ready two of the previous unjoin, and then the foe count bugs to 22 but only 3 go inside.

    3- Way too many people probably used to playing solo, and simply not caring about party play. Not hexing foes other than their own (would work if there would be plenty strong of them, but wasn't the case), or professors just wasting away donated focus from aurors at the beginning instead of giving the proficiency buff to the whole party (which was a balanced party as well. This could also fit in inexperience).

    4- Many times I had to wait for people rearranging in the lobby, getting in and out, readying and out and in again. This took up a lot of time.

    I managed to finish the tasks reasonably fast, but I didn't do too many challenges beyond those because of the aforementioned issues.

    Now, if we had let's say the following tools:

    Lobby info: take a look at who's with you, their skill levels and proficiencies. This helps everyone decide which buff to give in case one is stronger at it, helps decide if the party is strong enough to take on the challenge. I'm pretty sure many would be glad to help newcomers in higher chambers, so long as we know who is a newcomer, and how many are actually there. You can't expect McGonagall to bring herself alone and her first year students against Voldemort now, can we? Even bringing one is already difficult!

    Simple lobby communication: simple push phrases which can quickly inform of your status. Need focus for buff! Getting ready to cast X. Something along those lines. Add a cooldown or lockout for abusive use of those messages. It's not like we go in for a challenge having no idea who's with is other than by profession. We're all there in the chamber, looking at each other, suddenly we cannot speak or something? Doesn't make much sense.

    Lobby finding/inviting: we have friends and would like to play with them. Sometimes these friends are scattered across the globe. Also, if we don't have a full party running it could be even that if we know each other well, then we know when we can or can't help lower people, and might be more inclined to do so, or not.

    Forum tool/discussion for finding parties: once the above item would be implemented, it would be nice to be able to search for parties or more people to play in a more direct approach. I thought a forum area where people could go for exactly that, discuss a bit with people, form up your parties and go. Something like a live LFG thing, where you can go in, discuss with the ones present there (host, other party members), add each other, and go for the challenges.

    And for the people themselves:

    Be proactive. If you don't know what to do alone or in a chamber full of people, ask people here in the forums, look up base guides for challenges in parties. Study about what each class can or can't do, and how can you help with your own skill set. This makes life in Wizarding challenges a lot more enjoyable. I try to believe that most people do their best, but it's always important to read and learn more about tactics and strategies. And in a group environment, it's essential to know what your group mates can do for you, and what you could do for them. And then, do chambers. Practice makes perfect, and getting the feel of what makes for a good run is also something you develop with experience, how long one takes to defeat a foe, how much damage one does per hit, which buff/hex would be desirable at a given situation, etc.

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    #17117 May, 2020, 07:48 am.

    I completed the event but, did not find it particularly enjoyable! I definitely didn’t enjoy being left in the lurch...

    Frustrating to shield players, who then run away....

    To be fair, not really sure why I bothered participating, I get more Challenge XP (and Red Books) from lower levels that are already prestiged gold, without wasting all the potions.....without new lesson plans it just was more books on top of more books, great for the lower levels who were carried through, but costly for those using potions to help others 👎

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    #17217 May, 2020, 07:49 am.

    @WerewolfChaser I understand what you are saying. However, there were tasks that even fairly new players could finish and receive rewards for; participant rewards as you put it. While I do not believe that Events need to be formed in a way that everyone should have an equal chance of finishing them, I do understand that a lot of people feel that Community Days in particular should be as such. I don’t agree with that sentiment, but I don’t necessarily have a problem with it if it truly can be done in a way that is fair to everyone.

    The problem, as I stated in an earlier post, is that if Community Day tasks were nerfed in such a way that even the newest and least experienced players have as much chance of finishing all of them as the oldest and most advanced, then the more experienced players would find them boring and tedious. They would not find the event enjoyable or be able to feel any sense of accomplishment in finishing it. Is that fair?

    Again, in an earlier post, I argued that the only way to make the tasks completely “fair,” would be to have several different sets of tasks, with each player receiving tasks based on their level at the time of the event, perhaps grouped by tens; 1-10, 11-20, etc. That would really be the only way to appease everyone, I think.

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    #17317 May, 2020, 07:53 am.

    @WerewolfChaser I hadn’t even thought about future problems as you mention, with all of those low level players having all of the chambers opened now. Good point.

  • WerewolfChaserWerewolfChaser Posts: 648 ✭✭✭✭
    #17417 May, 2020, 08:00 am.

    @CeruleanGirl Have you found the previous community day quests boring? I haven't but I have accepted that they were in favour of lower levels being able to complete them. This I understand and accept as part of the game.

    Games like this require higher level players to invent their own goals. More returned foundables, more fortresses etc. If you don't like the heat and all that.

    Again I say that this CD was not fair on either higher or lower levels.

    I also can't justify the requirements needed to obtain the rewards. 100 Gold and 4 Spell Books. Do we really need that? I know it's nice but lower level players really need it.

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    #17617 May, 2020, 08:37 am.

    @CeruleanGirl I’m an Aura at Level 13 and only managed to successfully finish (and contribute) Dark Tower 1 and 2. But after that I have io since I barely had any potions left and I could see that I was only going to be a drag on other players. Really disappointing since as we all know it’s hard to get enough spell books all in one go and I look forward to CDs and BEs to advance in my professions.

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    @WerewolfChaser I can’t remember, to be honest, if we have had a strictly fortress based one before. Sorry, I have a bad memory.

    I don’t find the type of Community Day where we are focused on returning foundables of a certain family to be boring. I usually do find the tasks boring but the tons of foundables, as well as the time limit, make up for that. I liked it better when they were three hours though. I guess I do tend to sort of set my own goals, like prestiging to a certain level or finishing a particularly difficult foundable. I didn’t think of it in those terms but I see what you mean.

    I do find most of the tasks for brilliant events to be boring though. I usually finish them very quickly and then spend the rest of the week avoiding accidentally clicking on purple portkeys or traces.

    As I said, the only way to truly make the events fair to everyone would be to have different task sets based on level. I’m not sure if that’s even possible, but it would be cool.

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    #17817 May, 2020, 08:47 am.

    @SaranethBell That’s a pretty decent Auror level. It has been hard to keep enough potions in stock with all of the events lately, so that must have been very frustrating. I used up most of my Exstimulo of all types, as well, even with both cauldrons going most of the time.

    While I have said many times that I don’t think low level players should have been attempting the high Dark chambers, you are not the type of player I mean. I mean players who are 4 or 5 or even more levels below the recommended level for a chamber. Two levels is not that bad. I’m sorry you weren’t able to finish.

  • WerewolfChaserWerewolfChaser Posts: 648 ✭✭✭✭
    #17917 May, 2020, 09:06 am.

    @CeruleanGirl we have had one prior fortress event that I remember. I don't remember having quests, I think it was just bonus challenge xp.

    Your idea of separate quests for different for level groups is ideal . Not sure that it's doable. Thats what I had attempted to explain as our CD was less than 2 hours old, long before most.

    I don't see any game benefits long term for higher level players though as I don't think it's Niantics style.

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    #18117 May, 2020, 10:14 am.

    @Craeft i’m surely blaming hpwu, but I also had to deal with people who didn’t even try to fight and just watched or they just plain left, leaving me and 1-2 other players do the job... Imagine having to fight 25 foes with one other player only.... if they didn’t want to enter the chamber in the first place why did they even bother?!

    @CBG92 i’m happy for you!!!! Good job!!!! I couldn’t finish cause I was left with no resources 😎

    It's ok though, it was a good experience... next time I’ll be more prepared, and maybe I’ll try to “read” other players intentions, if that’s possible 😂

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