Specialisation Collector: ephemeral Equipment

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  • This is a brainstorming. It may appear "finished" or "refined" but it is merely an idea.
  • The label "collector" might not be a good choice for the role but for lack of a better one, I'll use it. If you have a more fitting suggestion, please share.
  • Constructive Feedback is appreciated

Specialisation Collector

The World of Harry Potter is full of Legends, Magic and powerful artifacts. To have a chance of surviving and striving, it isn't such a bad idea to analyse and make use of said artifacts.

  • The Collector is a Specialist that has vast knowledge about magical Artifacts, how to preserve and restore them, and what their history is.
  • The Specialisation requires a length Assignment-Chain filled with countless encounters of magical artifacts.
  • After having become an "Expert", this specialisation drasticly reduces the "flee"-chance of Encounters from the "Wonders of the Wizarding World" and the "Mysterious Artifacts"-Family. Additionally, it reduces the "flee"-chance of inanimate Foundables of other Families (eg. the "Centaur Bow", "Triwizard Cup", etc)
  • Additionally, after having encountered such magic artifacts, there's a chance that the Collector finds a trace of a "special" artifact. After having collected enough of those Traces, the Collector can restore said Artifact and create an "Ephemeral Artifact"

Ephemeral Artifacts

  • An Ephemeral Artifact is still a foundable. It yearns to be returned to its original place and time.
  • Such Artifacts have 2 general uses: Handing it in at the Ministry & Using its power yourself
  • Handing the Artifact in at the Ministry allows the Ministry to study both how the Calamity has interacted with the Artifact and study a more "pristine" version of said Artifact - untouched by time. Handing it in will reward the collector with random yet rare rewards: Red Spellbooks, Forbidden Section Spellbooks, Gold Coins
  • Using its power yourself will grant the Collector unique Bonusses during 1 (and only one) Fortress Run - but through all encounters that the run contains. Such Bonusses might be "reducing the DODGE-Chance of the Enemy - effectively increasing your accuracy" (Golden Snitch, Bludger), "increasing the raw power of the Wizard" (Beater's bat), "Increasing the Power of the entire Party" (Gryffindor Quidditch Banner), etc
  • Additionally, such Artifacts can be sold to other Wizards using Scrolls as currency, thereby allowing even Wizards that are no Collectors to hand in these Artifacts.


  • This suggestion is part of the "Specialisation"-Theme introduced here.
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