Specialisations: Botanist, Animagus, Oracle, ...

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  • This is a brainstorming. The following suggestion is neither true nor final. It is an opinion.
  • Constructive Feedback - positive and negative - is appreciated.


  • None of these specialisations should give "power". They should have their own space and not share/overlap with the bonuses granted by LESSONS, PROFESSION-Choice or ACCOUNT-Level. Instead, they should give utility.
  • None of these specialisations should remove the "necessity" to spend gold, simply to avoid a collapse of the game economy and the revenue-model of the game.
  • These specialisations shouldn't be mutually exclussive. To compensate, they should require a certain amount of time to acquire.
  • Shouldn't be "too easy" to acquire. Maybe a 1000g purchase upfront?


  • Animagus. Grants the ability to turn into an animal. The animal form disables the ability to cast spells but grants other bonuses. Based on the "Transfiguration"-Class in Hogwarts. (see here for reference)
  • Botanist. Has vast knowledge and skill in planting seeds, treating and harvesing plants. Based on the "Herbology"-Class in Hogwarts.
  • Brewer. Has supreme skill and knowledge in crafting potions. Gains slightly better results in brewing "common" potions and is capable of brewing other, more rare potions. Based on the "Potions"-Class in Hogwarts. (See here for inspiration)
  • Carebear. Enables the active choice of a familiar to befriend, care for and interact with. Based on the "Care of Magical Creatures"-Class in Hogwarts.
  • Collector. Has vast knowledge in the acquisition of non-plantable potion ingredients. May also find and restore "magic artifacts" for future use.
  • Oracle. Has limited "sight" into future events, can see on the map which Trace would grant which Fragment as well as whether it has "other" side-effects (see Poacher). Based on the "Divination"-Class in Hogwarts.
  • Charmer. ~no idea yet~. Based on the "Charms"-Class in Hogwarts. See Filius Flitwick for inspiration.
  • Runescribe. Enables adding certain affixes to Runestones for more customisation of the Fortress-Experience. Based on the "Ancient Runes"-Class in Hogwarts.
  • Dark Artist. ~no idea yet that wouldn't overlap with Profession-Choices~. Based on "Defence against the Dark Arts"-Class in Hogwarts.
  • ..... ~add your ideas here~ .....

How to Aquire

  • It would require a certain amount of overall experience. Maybe Account-L30?
  • It should require a certain "barrier of entry", maybe a 1000g purchase from the vault - a "Registration fee for the Ministry"?
  • It should require a quest-chain connected to the specialisation - and should require about 1 month of time to finish.


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    #204 May, 2020, 04:12 pm.

    The idea of expanding beyond our very limited current world of only professors/magizoologists/aurors is a sound one.

    I am of the opinion that all lessons should be done as actual lessons, and not just collect some scrolls/books and then click some icon and Ta-da I'm stronger! The lessons don't have to be complex, something maybe like you get in a dialogue with Hagrid and he tells you some lore and you have to do something with some beast he shows you. I mean, there are nice descriptions already for each lesson about how you went here and there to learn and so on.

    About the specialties, I think those could

    1- be implemented additionally as described, but all of them should be available to everyone, just like in Hogwarts. The difference would be how much you invest into each, much akin to the current profession choices, but all of them could add some sort of beneficial effect or nice addition to the game experience. And a questline to obtain each degree on them is also quite interesting and adds depth to the experience. I disagree with a 1000 gold requirement for each though. Maybe add some writ or certificate thing one can buy for a smaller sum, or maybe make so that the questlines require items that drop from certain foundables or spawn in certain weathers, and those could be bought in the shop in case someone would like to skip that. About the level requirement, maybe make different degrees of knowledge for each specialty which can b e only unclocked after levels example 5, 10, 15 etc.


    2- intertwine some of those specialties with the current profession system, and overhaul the combat system to something more complex.

    I'm more inclined for 1, although I do think the combat system should be reviewed, but this is something for another topic.

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    edited May 2020 #304 May, 2020, 04:39 pm.

    Thank you for your input, @Hidrazona

    My reason for suggesting the 1000g "gate" is this:

    • Every game has a certain pace to ensure that players spend time in the game.
    • That pace is often set so that once new content is available, players are still in the old content. If players were "done" with the Content too quickly - meaning the pace is too quick - they'd just leave as there's nothing left to do.
    • You can see that in many games as they introduce content but lock parts of that behind certain gates that controlled by the pace.

    By introducing the 1000g cost, Players have a goal to pursue, an incentive to spend real money OR "farm" gold by doing daily quests (spending time in the game) or returning foundables (spending time in the game)

    As for "available for everyone":

    In the lore of the universe, Animagi are rare. Oracles are even more rare. If a higher level of "power" or "ability level" is to easy to attain, it might not feel satisfying. The higher the perceived challenge to overcome, the more satisfying and gratifying is it to reach the goal. It's a psychological reward mechanism.

  • OriginalCarusoOriginalCaruso Posts: 502 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #404 May, 2020, 05:02 pm.

    @Lucoire - Some good ideas here

    As stated elsewhere, until the combat system is fixed there seems little point in players seeking further advantage

    Which doesn’t mean your ideas should not be considered for the product backlog if the product owner is so minded

  • LucoireLucoire Posts: 1,245 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #504 May, 2020, 05:29 pm.

    @OriginalCaruso Thank you.

    There's another reason for why I've suggested to not have any overlap with other aspects of the game:

    • The more intertwined the game mechanics and modules are, the more difficult it is to change or redesign one of them.
    • The less overlap, the easier it is to redesign and switch out one mechanic without having to worry that the rest falls apart.
    • Complexity - especially when created by many interlocking code pieces - is a breeding ground for bugs.
  • KaioZelKaioZel Posts: 11 ✭✭
    #606 May, 2020, 09:09 pm.

    Awesome ideas, I'll try provide some expanding thoughts:

    Animagus - Turning into an animal will often provide you with heightened senses, eg. a possible implementation would be to make you "find" (or in this case "attract") specific types of confoundables, Oddities comes to mind. But might not have to be bound to it. (where the trace "attracts" anything, this would be a bit different). As an animagus it also ought to be easy to "revert" when you engage in a battle so that you may cast spells? :D

    Botanist: So shortened planting times? although for it to be attractive (vs the others) it would certainly need more aspects... not that anything comes to mind atm.

    Brewer: Solid already, just need some more details and exactly "which" rare potions to add. But that shouldn't be too hard looking through the wiki of potions and picking some that might prove useful in the game.

    Carebear: Hmmm... Personally I think this specialization would be better of as just having the option to pick a familiar. (without limiting the option of picking other specializations). But only having as cosmetics would sort of be a waste... perhaps this familiar could be able to pick up the finished plants (in greenhouses) for you? Then we would solve that long complained issue with this awesome feature as an independent implementation. Unless you have a more intriguing idea for it of course :D (NB: I want a hippogriff)

    Perhaps a system where the familiar (with different difficulties to attain) would pick up the herb faster and perhaps find additional things the more "advanced" the familiar is.

    Hippogriff>Owl>Niffler>Cat=Dog or something of the like.

    Collector: So, finds (or attracts) more of "mysterious artifacts" or are you thinking ingredients that are not potion related?

    Oracle: Solid.

    Charmer: hmm, more refined wand work buff, easier to get masterful spells?

    Runescribe: The idea is good, but the implementation will require some detailed work with exactly what customization specifics to add.

    Ability to choose what fragment you can acquire within that runestone type I'd imagine would be a good one.

    Dark Artist: Dark arts confoundable increased attraction rate? and/or heightened catch % of those? 

  • LucoireLucoire Posts: 1,245 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #706 May, 2020, 09:37 pm.

    Welcome to the Community, @KaioZel

    Thank you for the feedback.

    As for the Animagus, I was thinking more of a non-combat-focussed Specialisation, in the sense that the user can't cast (meaning: no Greenhouses, no Inns, no Fortresses, no Traces)... but instead has hightened senses - as you said. I was thinking of giving this option bonuses that would encourage the Player to remain in the Animal Form for longer than just to use these senses and morph back.

    The senses would (for example) enable the user to sense more ingredients, more seeds, more energy-spawns. One could even make the energy-pickups more effective - given that the Animal-Form requires less sustenance.

    The animal-Form could maybe even a slightly reduced Portmanteau-Distance. Or maybe even the ability to sense other nearby Wizards: not their exact location, more like "There's another Player someone nearby"

    As for the Botanist, I was thinking about giving Wizards with that Specialisation access to another "Plant"-Slot in Greenhouses - so that 2 different plants could grow simultaneously. Or maybe to give Botanists the ability to "empower" already planted seeds to more than just 9 stacks.

    As for Familiars, these tend to be non-combative animal compansions, like Spiders, Weasels, Cats, Rats, Frogs/Lizards, Hawks/Owls, ... For more details on what I had in mind, see here.

    Also: In my mind, these Specialisations aren't mutially exclussive: given enough time to unlock, you could have all of these skills and bonuses. The name "Specialisation" may have been misleading.

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    #809 May, 2020, 07:19 pm.

    I like most any idea that adds resonable complexity and depth to games so I would be onboard with the overall idea, if not the minutia of it.

    I would abandon the Gold requirement though. It could end up looking like a "pay wall" in this free to play game. Perhaps it could unlock after you master your first lesson plan instead?

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    #909 May, 2020, 07:45 pm.

    I hear you, @RexHav0c. Thanks for the Feedback.

    That being said, even without "paying" real money, you could acquire said specialisations - as the daily assignments grant up to 10 gold per day and as traces have a chance of rewarding you with gold coins.

    The other idea is to make it an "either/or"-requirement. Given that each Specialisation has a different focus, some could be tied to certain "Gold-Rank-Achievements", some might be tied to finishing your Professions Lesson Plan - and all of them having "pay 1000g to the Ministry" as an alternative.

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