Oddities losing 1 hp when they attack after a crit

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Me (Auror) attacking a Poacher (or a Fluffy) with 300 hp:

I attack, critical hit: 261 damage, Poacher is left with 39 hp

Poacher attacks, deal damage to me and loses 1 hp, leaving himself on 38 hp.

This only happens when my attack is a critical hit.

This happens regardless of me casting Protego or not to defend against his attack.

I've just tested it in a fortress as well and it looks like this only happens after the very first attack. An Acromantula that I critically hit on the first attack lost 1 hp when it attacked me, but an Erkling that I didn't critically hit on the first attack, but did critically hit on the second attack, didn't lose 1 hp when it attack me after my first and second attack.

Another Auror I spoke did 270 damage on a critical hit versus a Poacher, but reported that the poacher didn't lose 1 hp after that.

My stats:

Stamina 281

Power 100

Protego Power 32%

Precision 26%

Critical Power 111%

Proficiency Power 129%

Deficiency Defence 39%

Defence 39%

Defence Breach 7%

Accuracy 8%

Maximum Focus 9

Charm, Hexes and Specialization maxed.


Samsung Galaxy S9, Android version 10

Game most recent version.

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