for serious players only - going into Dark Tower 5 NOW looking for crew

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thought i’d create a thread here, so if Dark Tower 5 is quiet and you’re looking for a team to tackle Dark Tower 5, you can just give the heads up here and maybe folks who bookmark this thread might see your heads up and try to join up inside Dark Tower 5



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    going in now ... i’ll try every few minutes

    i’m a level 40 prof


    edit: if it is too unbalanced a team forming, i will bail out during countdown in lobby (with at least 45 seconds left, to be fair) and try again. for example, just now, the team had APPPP so i bailed out during countdown and will try again in a bit

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    suggested etiquette:

    if you decide to bail out of the lobby while the clock is counting down, please do so with at least 45 seconds (out of total 2 minutes) remaining on the timer ... this leaves enough time either for the other players in the lobby to decide whether or not to stay without you (as a A / M / P) in the team mix or for additional persons to possibly join the chamber lobby in your place.

    this is especially important in higher chambers like Dark5, where success depends on the number and balance/mix of Aurors, Magizoologists, and Professors fighting together as a team.

    thank you for your consideration.

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    ^ i will be sitting out of dark5 for awhile, brewing potents and wit sharpeners and healing potions to replenish my stock

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    what started as a group of AMPP in dark5 lobby ended up being just me and the auror, after the M and other P bailed out of the lobby with less than 10 secs left on the countdown timer.

    we succeeded by beating 13 foes with 15 secs to spare, but at great cost. lack of a magizoo on the team really hurt when i had to face two 4000+ hp elite spiders (since i am neutral while auror is deficient against spiders)

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    hoping for a balanced crew for Dark5 now

    (finally replenished potions thanks to potion brewing boosts during the makeup march community day event)

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    #904 May, 2020, 05:50 am.

    i just got kicked out by server error in dark5 challenge as part of a 4-person team, AMPP, during first 20 secs

    sorry to my teammates in that battle ... i tried to get back in by recommended method but no luck

    lost 9.75 level 5 runestone and a strong invig

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    by the way, just recently finished a 5-player Dark5 challenge (AAMPP) where the M was reviving everybody like crazy ... this was my first time being revived after getting knocked out (because i lost track of my own hp) and it was AWESOME. we finished with 3:20 to spare. big mahalo to the team for great fun and excellent team execution


    plus a 3-player Dark5 challenge (AMP) that had way too many werewolves and pixies, lol ... thank goodness the M was there and knew what to do and revived/restored as needed

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    Is my forum having a glitch on this particular thread? @kiheikid I only see your comments but no one else’s.

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    @MrSciGuy - well, i see your post here, so i guess you were the first and only other person to post in this thread. i have no idea whether folks i met inside dark5 lobby/chamber first saw my posts here or not, but i hope this thread is used by more folks and helps put together balanced & experienced teams attempting to tackle dark5

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    Magi 43 here I would love a more balance chamber group.

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    Maybe a Telegram group would help to enable this kind of player events. Or is there one already?

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    #1509 May, 2020, 03:57 am.

    heading into Dark5 for a pre-dinner snack

    hoping to find a balanced team

    i’m a level 41 prof and use level 5 runestones in Dark5

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    #1609 May, 2020, 06:43 am.

    ^ awesome group, AAMPP, with A’s that knew to transfer focus so i could cast the team proficiency snd the other P could cast defense, and M was quick to revive us, and everyone driving in their lanes ... big mahalo if anyone else from that team reads this 👍🏼

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    Hi @kiheikid! I play about 4-5 D5 levels a day. And it is so great when everyone does their thing correctly. My personal thought is people that play the D5 level for the most part know what to do and how to play as a team. It’s when I play levels below the darks where things go a little crazy. For instance today I played a tower level with MAAPP and one of the A and P kept going after erklings and spiders when there were tons of DE, puppies, and wizards available. So I hope you are having as much fun as I am having. I counted my runes yesterday and I had 1013. So I have a lot of playing to do. 😁

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    Hey folks would love to **** as well! hard to find players who know what to do in their profession! I’m a level 50 magi. My skill tree is complete so I revive people at 100%.

    my only problem is that I don’t get notifications when someone sends tags me or replies to a comment in this forum! I have all the notifications settings set correctly (at least I think I do). ;)

    i haven’t gotten kicked out with the « wireless error » since the update so that is good too!

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    @CanadaEh08 did you receive a notification for that reply!?

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    No @ClairabusGryff 😢

    my settings appear to be ok though.

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    going to Dark5 now - hope i find a balanced team of knowledgeable players

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    #2212 May, 2020, 01:58 am.

    great team - mahalo to the team if you see this post! 🤙🏼

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