Permanent clutter of Magi Foundables (Nature and Nifflers event)

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So about an hour after the event started I decided to use some trace detection potions to get poachers and see what the event would look like. After two potions (and many MANY poachers spawning from them) my screen was a complete clutter mess of Magizoology basic foundables. I only need the adult Niffler atm, and dont have much energy left.

Problem 1: each foundable I click, when I return to the map all of the foundables are scrambled around, making it nigh impossible to find something specific in the mess.

Problem 2: the mess is STILL here after almost 2h.

The screenshot shows how it looks at the moment.

EDIT: drops are awesome! And some of them gave me energy so managed to clean it up 😁

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