Fortress restart error caused by death of first player

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This bug showed up two days before the release of the Night Bus. If the red player first in the fortress, that is on the far left of the player list in the fortress dies, it kicks the other players out of the game with a network error restart dialog. They must force quit to get back in the game. But they will continue to see restart errors as long as the first player is still in timeout. Only after player one gets back will the other players be allowed back without a restart error.

Dont let player one die to avoid this bug.

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    More precisely...

    While the first player is in timeout from death mode with his clock counting down, any player that tries to enter the chamber gets the network restart error. So once other players finish fighting the foe they are working on, or just exits the foe and tries to return to the chamber lobby area they will see this restart bug.

    But, any player already in the chamber, when the first player goes into timeout, does not get the error. Only if they enter a foe, then exit, while the first player is still in timeout, will they see the error.

    This is 100% reproducable. It's not a random network work error at all. It's a hard bug in the Niantic code that should be easy to fix. The network error has been around for months as a hard to reproduce bug probably related to actual bad internet access. But this version of the bug is not a network error at all. It's a 100% reproducible protocol bug in the Nianatic code.

    Has it been reported to the developers as new critical information about a new type of bug yet? Because it's easy to reproduce, and 100% reproducible, they will be able to track it down and fix it very quickly.

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    This bug was fixed with the 2.13 release of the app. Not an issue anymore.

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