Incapacitation of an Auror causes disconnect in Fortresses

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(Disclaimer: I've never experienced this bug myself, this is merely "hearsay" of friendly Aurors)


  • Group contains (at least) 1 Auror and (at least) 1 Magizoologist.
  • Both are in combat with an Enemy
  • The Auror is rendered unconscious by his enemy.

The Trigger:

  • If the Magizoologist then returns to the Lobby while the "Reanimation-Timer" still runs, EVERYONE in the Enemy-Selection-Screen are kicked from the Group - except for the incapacitated Auror.

The Workaround(s):

  • After the Trigger, a "Reconnect"-Button is shown. DO NOT TAP THAT. Force-Close the App, wait a few seconds and then re-open it. Tap on the Fortress again and try to rejoin. IMPORTANT: THE REJOINING ONLY WORKS IF THE AUROR IS NO LONGER UNCONSCIOUS.
  • Make sure that the Aurors aren't rendered Unconscious (Potions, Protective-Spells, Healing-Spells)
  • (Magizoologists) Don't enter Combat if an Auror is almost unconscious. Instead, either Heal him/her OR wait for him/her to fall unconscious and then quickly reanimate him/her.
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