New to group Fortressing?



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    #9206 May, 2020, 05:51 am.

    i’ll keep that in mind @MrSciGuy ... how are you able to be in a coordinated group battle with four friends?

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    Look for the gold coin next to the friend symbol. Upon finding it try to jump into the level with them. If this is a close friend that you know uses hangouts or discord to talk with friends can help coordinate the battle and determine which level to join and fight.

    If you miss the connection jump into a lower chamber (ruins 1-4) and wait usually until just before the one minute mark and leave, that gives anyone else time to back out as well without having to be in a battle solo if they were looking for something more. Hopefully while you are waiting in a chamber your friend will finished their game, see the gold coin and find you!

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    @Bormacska - thank you, i’ll try to look more closely for those friend coins

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    @Owlx - thank you. da missus and i do not have a regular group and are not on discord, etc. but the basic theory might work for even just the two of us.

    “our boy james” aka @XpectoGO also shared in his vid the reddit link with the how-to (screenshots are currently in moderation-heck):

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    THANKYOU for posting OrangeWizards graphics on group fortress battles.

    Especially-where it states which profession should concentrate on which foe!!

    Auror on wizards,

    MZ on spiders & Erklings,

    Prof on Pixie & Werewolves.

    Don’t steal another players thunder-fight your own first!!

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    @WitchHiker Obviously proficient foes are correct and a useful reminder. But some of the advice on OW's infographic is controversial. Different players have slightly different strategies.

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    To add to that, different strategies apply based on individual players, team make-up, foes currently on the board, chamber level, etc.

    It’s not a one size fits all. But yes @WitchHiker, players should (mostly) stick to the foes against which they’re proficient.

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