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    #6223 April, 2020, 08:11 pm.

    I just did... It's in moderation

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    #6323 April, 2020, 08:13 pm.

    @Punkyfins I'd certainly appreciate that. I'm a professor and tonight has been my first time grouping. So at the moment I'm trying to hold off until I can cast the proficiency charm on the whole party, then buffing party members with protection one by one if I can after that (and spamming my tiny little heal on whoever is the last person left fighting if it's not me!) I'd like to know if I should be doing something else instead.

  • BormacskaBormacska Posts: 1,341 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited April 2020 #6423 April, 2020, 08:19 pm.
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    #6523 April, 2020, 08:39 pm.

    Level 34 and it just dropped for me in the US

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    #6623 April, 2020, 08:46 pm.

    Thank you @Bormacska! And seems you're doing just fine @FireNightingale . :)

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    #6724 April, 2020, 03:46 am.

    It's wonderful. Thank the programmers.

    Now the dilemma. Would my friends prefer runestone presents, or extravagant energy presents?

    I can get foundables all day with the energy found on my front porch and street. But more energy is needed for battling in fortresses. So, I think I'll be sending energy to my 40+ friends and runestones to those below.

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    #6824 April, 2020, 07:11 am.

    I update game on ios. It's ok for magicobus. I test, it's fantastic.... I'am very happy. Thanks Niantic

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    #6924 April, 2020, 10:48 am.

    My friend and another teammate were dropped from a knight bus dark chamber V. The remaining 3 had to fight the 21 mobs alone, we tried, I spent several potions myself, and we lost for a few seconds, runestone lost, potions lost, all because of the buggy connection.

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    #7024 April, 2020, 11:42 am.

    I am lurking in Tower 3 at the moment, if anyone wants a familiar face / name.

    (16 words)

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    #7224 April, 2020, 03:33 pm.

    I’m so happy for you @TwinGypsy! I love how excited you are about finally being able to group fortress. It’s even more fun when you know the people you’re battling with and can communicate with them! I’ll keep an eye out for you in there.

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    #7324 April, 2020, 09:47 pm.

    @MrSciGuy it is super cool🤓 I'll check for you as well! Hopefully will get to play with you. I played till like 3am lol. I was too excited to sleep, (I'm laughing literally out loud at myself typing this) I was a 5 year old kid at Christmas who just saw Santa for the first time hahaha! Thank goodness we had the brilliant event bundles in diagon ally. I gotta be disciplined in monitoring my spell energy & time for that matter. I seriously think I played for 5 hours? 🤔🙄😬🧙🏼‍♀️

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    #7424 April, 2020, 11:55 pm.

    @TwinGypsy you are so awesome! I like you have been having so much fun for reading with other people as I have always fortresses by myself. Fortress on lady!! Whoop whoop! I know last night I fortressed for like 6 hours!! It was awesome!!

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    #7527 April, 2020, 12:18 pm.

    @ClairabusGryff 😬🤪 I'm a living "Ladychild" when it comes to Harry Potter anything haha. It doesn't quite have the catchiness or ring it did in my head a minute ago. My car has a decal on the trunk that says "My other ride is a fire bolt". I chop it up to reliving the childhood I never really had hahaha! I have a good portion of my wardrobe to be Harry Potter, every single audio book, the movies.... Although the books are way way better. I even have a Quidditch robe🙄 yeah, I do.

    I humbly have to admit that I used to make fun of gamers & was quite the prude for lack of a better word when it came to gaming anything. Until Wizards Unite launched. Mind you, it's the only game I play, but nonetheless, I'll call myself out. I wasn't allowed to watch but nature channels growing up, PBS, or I could draw, read books (actual books with physical, tangible pages lol, I'm 41 so you do the math), or I could practice my flute, or write or draw. I'm thankful now for the strict mother I had, as it's launched my creativity, talents & such 100 fold

    It would be cool if someway the Wizard's Unite team rolled out with t-shirts that had the professions & houses on them. I'm doing that with my band/music logo as well as my small business. Idk how copyrights & such work & obviously the complexity of everything being worldwide.

    Ok I'm done needlessly yapping. I'm trying to figure out a way to obtain more spell energy without going bankrupt & having to find a cardboard box for shelter. I do love the bundles they come up with during brilliant events. Maybe since they had a bundle to up the potions on part 1, & then a bundle to up ingredients in part 2.... . Perhaps the next event night include a bundle to up the storage amount of spell energy in the next one? It's only a 2 minute drive to town & I can fill up, but the hubs might frown upon that when I run out at 2am in the morning hahaha. He's adjusted well. "I'm going to pick up my ingredients I planted" I've told him. He used to scrunch his face up, like whaaaaa?? Now he's like, " How long do you think you'll be"?

    Or prior to the knight bus, we'd head to the store or whatever, do you want me to stop at the gazebo on the way. The gazebo is a listed fortress.

    I win-- LOL

    My kids refuse to play but they're caught up in Snapchat & tiktok (eyeroll) teenagers pfffft

    Have a spectacular day. Hope I gave you a good laugh 🙃😝

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    #7627 April, 2020, 09:44 pm.

    Yes, that was a fantastic laugh and I love it. Thank you we all need those these days. I am glad you love the game as much as I do. I love all things Harry Potter since 1999. About 5 years ago my daughter and I went on road trip to Orlando Florida so we could go to Universal Studios to see Hogwarts. I legit cried when I saw it in the distance. That’s what an HP fan I am. Total geek mode dork was about it.

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    #7728 April, 2020, 01:14 am.

    @ClairabusGryff I'm insanely envious. I'd probably cry myself. I literally sobbed when finishing book 6 back in the day before 7 was released when Dumbledor passed. I was at work listening in my car to the audio book. Jim Dale is phenomenal if you haven't already heard the audio books. The impersonations are mind blowing. It's on my bucket list to go to Hogwarts in Orlando. I've crossed off the Foo Fighters in concert, saw them at Wrigley Field summer of 2018& fell upon tickets by chance. (Huge influence to my song writing etc) been on a real ghost Hunt with the American ghost Hunters the year before. Been to a couple renaissance faires, so much fun to dress that way & get in free lol been paid for a music gig, learned wood burning & wood carving, started producing an album blah blah. I still need to go zip lining & meet with a medium amongst other things on my bucket list I haven't done yet. Hogwarts is at the top of my list. I don't want to go if I have to penny pinch as that's no fun either. My kids gave me a Luna Lovegood wand as a gift their first trip which was bittersweet. They both ended up giving me their wands a couple years later. I have Harry's & honestly I don't remember the other. I think I put them away as it's not as treasured in the sense that I didn't go & pick it out etc? I did make my own wand with widdling/carving hahaha truly, but it contains no dragon heart string, nor phoenix feather nor unicorn hair. I have zero clue as to what type of wood it is either HAHAHA I'm laughing. Most likely Birch from the back yard. It looks more like a crooked **** type weapon rather than a wand. My kiddos have been to universal 3x with their dad in the past 6 years or something close. One day.... One day..... Wishful thinking

  • ShireyShirey Posts: 2
    #7814 May, 2020, 11:47 am.

    Why did the knight bus stop working? Was there an update?

  • ShireyShirey Posts: 2
    #7914 May, 2020, 11:48 am.

    For some reason the Knight bus stopped working. It had been working well, but just stopped. Maybe after an update? Would love to know why

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    #8014 May, 2020, 01:28 pm.

    @Shirey Hello and welcome to the forum. Help will always be given to those who ask.

    If you can't get on the Knight bus or don't see the Knight bus button

    from @hpwulola

    If you do not see the Knight Bus, reinstall your app and it should appear. QA has tested this solution and for the current bug, it works 100% of the time. If it doesn't work for you or anyone you know, have them write into in-app support! We are still investigating the lobby delay - I'll follow up on that bug thread if I have any updates!

    It is post number #26 in the thread linked below.

    Make sure your app is linked to either your facebook or google gmail account 1st before deleting and re-installing!

    If you can get on but have the 30 to 40 sec lag between selecting your chamber and picking a runestone they are working on that but don't have a solution yet....It's coming soon...

    Be healthy, be well, be safe and Happy Pottering

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