iOS status bar disappears on night mode

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Normally no matter what time of day or which menu of the game you’re in, on an iPhone you could see the status bar at the top. This shows the clock, WiFi/cellular status, battery level, etc. Since the update to 2.12, when my iPhone switches to night mode, the text in that status bar is hidden. In some apps with a dark background, the text becomes white in night mode. HPWU has a light background at the top of the page in its menus, so white text will not work. I’ve included some screenshots to help explain:

HPWU map during day mode in iOS

HPWU map on night mode in iOS (white text)

HPWU menu during day mode on iOS

HPWU menu on night mode in iOS (most likely white text, but can’t tell because it appears to have disappeared)

HPWU 2.12

iPhone XR

iOS 13.3.1

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    #222 April, 2020, 04:14 pm.

    Any update or acknowledgement of this? I know it’s a minor issue, but anything would be appreciated.

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