Playing from home...traces, ingredients and energy

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I live in the US and am not under a "stay at home order". I choose to play from home as a measure of personal and community safety. I do have access to a fortress and 2 inns within 1 1/2 mile from home by car ( no sidewalks). I'm also fortunate to have a driver that indulges my gameplay periodically. 😉 I haven't noticed an increase in spawns of any kind at home from my front porch. I have noticed that walking to the end of the driveway to pickup the mail has triggered a few spawns...a trace, an ingredient and spell energy. Not enough to get excited over, but after getting into the truck to head to the fortress, we drove down our street and IT happened! I hadn't closed out the game and suddenly an explosion of spawns occurred!! "Honey, stop! There might be some snowdrop!" We were at the school bus stop. Not sure if this qualifies as a tip, but I hope the nearby residents don't mind me standing there for awhile during my work from home lunch break!



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    Hi @Dextraone. What you experienced is pretty common. Often times at our houses, depending on the type of area in which you live, you might not get a ton of spawns. But when traveling to a place like a shopping center, for example, the traces appear like crazy! It seems to be tied in some way to population and density of cellular activity. In a place like a shopping center there are a lot of people pretty consistently with cell phone activity. But at your house that density of cellular activity becomes much lower. I don’t claim to know the mechanics of how it all works, but I’ve seen that discussed a lot, and that has generally always been my experience.

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    The more you play in a particular spot, ie. your home, the more traces you get.

    I have no inns, fortresses or greenhouses within reach of my home yet because I played ingress, PoGo and HPWU at home for years I get loads all the time.

    I remember visiting my parents caravan in a field with no XP (like spell energy) in ingress in the ground.

    Next week I went, there was XP on the map, and every week after that there was more.

    So, if I were you, I would try and catch everything at home as often as you can, open Portkey a at home and do any other activity and hopefully your trace etc amount will increase

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    I played ingress from year 1 discontinued because of banned (bike-gress, car-gress, bus-gress, train-gress as i always opened ingress everytime).

    Now i play HPWU ( a bit relieve for less restriction than ingress) ..

    Still the spawns are very scarce around my home.

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    What I am running into, is that we are desperate for spell energy.

    I experience the same thing that if we walk to the park while trying to dodge people who walk too close to us, we get slammed with spell energy, foundables, etc.

    I wish that my steps on my adventure sync (my workouts on my treadmill) would count toward "movement" and trigger more spawns and spell energy on map instead of being reliant on geographic changes.

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