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Not registering my great spell cast so I can't complete challenge.

No rare foundables and I have used over 5 trace potions

My foundables disappearing more

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  • PorterPeekPorterPeek Posts: 1
    #202 April, 2020, 01:32 pm.

    I have been stuck at stage 2/4 since mid-day yesterday (March 31) because I cannot find Wanted Poster of Sirius Black foundables. I have used at least 5 tonic for trace detectors and have also tried the combination of trace detector and 2 dark detectors at an Inn. I walked more than 1 mile from my house and all landmarks and almost all lured foundables were Wonders of the Wizarding World. This makes it impossible to complete the challenge, with less than 4 hours remaining.

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