Spell Shortcuts (5 Great Casts)

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So I found a shortcut on a spell that makes it much easier to get a great. This allowed me to finish "5 great casts".

This is a shortcut. You are cutting out part of the displayed spell trace.

For agamenti (fire confoundables, such as the book most evil that is so nicely boosted right now): When casting, start with a short down, and then up (following the trace), and at the end, when you are parallel to the ending point, go straight right (ignore the top hook completely).

This is still "good enough" to get a right-shift quality bonus, and "fast enough" to be just below the great line.

Once I found this trick, I got 6 for 6.


What spell casting shortcuts have you found? What other spell have things that can be cut out?



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    Thanks for sharing this, @Keybounce I'll share some of the techniques that I use.

    1. Speed over accuracy (I still try to be as accurate as possible)
    2. Don't draw the glyph in one go, instead, divide them into two parts when possible

    Ex: While performing 'Alohomora', I draw the circle in one go, and then draw the vertical line. (this helps me with my timing and accuracy)

    Also, I trace the glyph in the air (over the phone screen) a couple of times before I try.

    These are my personal observations that has helped me do better Spellcast.✌️

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    Don't draw the glyph in one go, instead, divide them into two parts when possible

    How do you avoid that "incomplete cast" then?

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    @Keybounce i think he means for alohamora don’t do like a full circle. More do most of the circle, then cut straight down without lifting your finger. Almost two separate movements in one.

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    Spells as most of you notice its not a line but a series of red dots scatter along the line. 🤔

    So if we diligently, tediously follow the line we will ended up with time up.

    I think maybe there's also some dot control outside the line, that if you draw to much crossing outside the line it will get pinalty.

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    This might seem silly to some but sometimes when I cast a spell it seems that if I shake my phone in sync with the spell it helps, or is that just me...?

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